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Weather, fauna and flora
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Weather is always changing. Some climates have marked changes of weather type during the year. For example, a monsoonal place has warm, cloudy, wet weather in summer and cooler, sunnier, dry weather in winter. we can identify the following main types of climate:

-warm temperate
-cold temperate

Climates also vary over time change very gradually over decades and centuries. Human activity may be influencing this.

Flowers and plants are very sensitive to the weather. Plants are adapted to the climate they live in for the most part.

Many animals are adapted to the weather, and where they are found is tied closely to the climate and its impact on the availability of suitable food. Animals living in the coldest parts of the world, such as seals and polar bears, have thick layers of fat under their skin to protect them form the cold. Some animals hibernate during the coldest part of the year, living off stored fat and water to survive. Many animals migrate to breeding areas to escape starvation during the winter season when food is harder to find.

In hot places, animals can often store water in their bodies such as camels, or are adapted to live no only tiny amounts of moisture. Many come out only at night to hunt and feed.
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