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For most people travelling is a great hobby. If you have to travel somewhere, either for pleasure or on business, either for short or long distances, the first thing you should do is decide how to get to your destination. You may travel by land, by air or by sea.

Walking or going on foot is definitely the cheapest and the healthiest way, but it is convenient only for short distances. If your destination is far away, you will probably choose a bus, a train or a car. Buses are quite fast and comfortable, especially coaches which transport holidaymakers to the seaside or to the mountains.

Travelling by train was quite common in the past, but with the rapid development of the car industry it became partly neglected. Today, it is becoming more popular because it offers a combination of speed, comfort and pleasure. Going somewhere by train is always an interesting and special experience. Train tickets are not very expensive and can be booked in advance. If you travel at night you can even sleep in a sleeper. If you are hungry, you may have a meal in a dining-car. Sitting at the window and watching the beautiful countryside during the day is something you will remember.

Going by plane is said to be the fastest, the most expensive and even the safest way to travel according to statistics. It is convenient especially over long distances. If you want to fly, you have to book a seat on a plane long before the day of your departure.

The most common way of travelling today is going by car. If you have got a car you are independent, you do not have to follow any timetables, you may travel at any time of the day and at any speed.

In some countries travelling by boat is popular. It si quite cheap, but can become uncomfortable when the weather gets bad. If you travel for short distances, you may take a ferry, for long distances ocean liners are more convenient. Travelling by sea take a lot of time.

Lots of people have to travel short distances every day, they commute to work or shool. For these people travelling might be a tiring and unpleasant duty. If you live in a big city which has got an underground, you don´t have to spend a lot of time commuting to work. The undergroung trains usually go every five minutes and they are speedy. If there is no underground and you have to go by bus or tram, traffic jams, overcrowded buses and noise can make your life difficult.
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