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School and Study
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Slovak school system

There are different forms of education. Many children start their schooling in nursery school. Children have only 3 years when they start to going there. They spend a few hours each day playing and doing some activities. They learn colours, geometric shapes, they paint and draw. Aslo start socializing with other children.

Basic schools in Slovakia are attneded by children between 6 and 15. Slovak basic schools are divided into elementary and basic school. Elementary is between 6 and 11 age, and it is from 1. to 5. class. Basic is between 12 and 15 age and from 6. to 9. class.

After basic school children must think about secondary school. There are different types of secondary school such as: gymnázium, vocational schools, some apprentice centras, technical schools and so on. To finish secondary educational, students have to pass the school-leaving examination.

Many student want to continue their studies at universities. While during basic and secondary educational student were given marks, at universities they have to get credits and grades A, B, C, D, E, - if they pass, and FX – if they fail. Slovak universities use winter and summer terms during the academic year.

When students successfully accomplish their university studies, they are given a degree in their field of study. The most advanced type of degree is a PhD, when postgraduate students study on their own for several years, doing research work and writing a dissertation explaining what they have discovered. They also have to defend their work in front of a panel of proffessors.
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