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Jobs and Employment
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Choosing one´s career is an important step in everybody´s life. Most children have only vague ideas of what they want to be. Boys admire so called „hero“ professions such as pilots, firemens, astronauts. Girls dream about actresses, model or singers. But as they get older become more and more realistic.

Some children look up to their parents and want fo follow in their footsteps. But some parents have spent their whole lives to their own career. It may have a negative influence on their offsprings.

Various statistics show that those young people with higher or university educational have a better chance to find a good job.

There are many ways to help those who want to find a job. Advertisements in national and local newspapers are one of them. After choosing a would –be job we must write an application. An inevitable part of the application form is curriculum vitae (CV). It should contain personal details, work experience, educational background and other skills and abilities which are relevant. The aim of the application is to get an interview. During the interview the applicant must be very careful not only about what they wear but also what and how they communicate to the interviewer. There are a lot of guide books where applicants can find some useful information about interview.

Those applicants who are lucky, get the job and become employees of a company or firm. The employee and employer sign a work contract. It clearly states the job description, duties and responsibilities, working time and salary. The job may include several fringe benefits. For example extra adventages such as a company car, luncheon vouchers.

Advices for interview

-You need to concentrate and listen very carefully to the question
-Make sure you understand the question before offering any answer
-Don´t attempt to answer without fully understanding the question
-If you don´t anticipate a question and haven´t prepared an answer for it, pause and think about it before offering one
-Make sure you don´t spend too much time thinking
-You should attempt to offer positive responses to every question
-Try to turn your weaknesses and shortcomings into something positive
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