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Health Care

At the beginning, I would like to talk about history of health care. In the past, there were some women who knew how to prepare some special kinds of herbal tea, which treated people who were ill. They prepared also various kinds of salves and they used very strange ingredients, for example frog's slime, therefore they were considered to be witches.

But nowadays we know that frog's slime contains antibiotics or other healing substances. Health is a state of physical, psychical and social prosperity. The World Health Organization has defined health as a state of physical , psychical and social prosperity and not only as the absence of disease. A good health means a longer and a happier life.

People must take care of their health. People should regular exercise, plenty of rest, enough sleep, good eating habits, a lot of vitamins, no smoking or alcohol and avoid stress situations. People like a strong, healthy and beautiful body, which is an ideal of majority of people and not only of the young people. Some people define a medicine as any science or practice concerned with sickness and health.

There are several types of medicines: herbal tee, ointment, syrup, drops, gargle and pills. A lot of medicine can destroy some organs of our body - mostly liver or kidneys. Some people prefer herbal medicines. A doctor is a person who has been trained in medical science. Doctors rescuer a lot of human life. When we are ill, we must sleep and sweat, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, drink hot herbal tea with honey and lemon and relax. When we have a fever, it is necessary to see a doctor in a surgery.

We know many kinds of illnesses, according to our symptoms we choose from various kinds of doctors. We can go to a psychiatrist, a dentist, a dermatologist, gynaecologist, an ear and throat specialist or a surgeon. People, who have a healthy lifestyle, body will grateful them.

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