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Human Relationships
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Relationships are richness of a man. Respect to a man is a condition for good relationships.

We know relationships: friendly, international, relationship between a teacher and a pupil, between colleagues, between partners or families. Relationships aren`t just between people, but also between animals. We usually understand with friend. We have common interests, values, similar attitudes towards life. Friend isn`t person who can`t keep the word. It is a man of fine character. True friend is that, who helps, when we need it. When we have some problems, when we are sad, when we feel miserable and depressed. Then we need a friend to talk about our troubles.

Friendship can change into love if people fall in love with each other. They realize, that they had fallen in love. Sometimes it is love at firs sight. Young people belive that love is the most important thing in life. However even if they love eachoter, they sometimes quarell. Right love ends in the marriage. When a man and a woman love each other, they want to overcome problems together and share their love. Love is also between parents and children, brother and sister. Role of the family is reproduction and upbringing of children. Love can move with the world, call up a smile on the face, but also sorrow in the soul.
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