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Slovakia is a small country situated in the heart of Europe. The area of Slovakia is only 49 036 square km, that is why it doesn’t belong to big states. On 1st January 1993, Czechoslovakia had split into two independent states: the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Slovakia borders with the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. Slovakia has a population of about 5 million people.

The official head of SR is the President. The official language is Slovak. The most numerous minorities are Hungarian, Gypsies, Czechs, and Ukrainians. There isn’t any sea, but there are many lakes, mountain and rivers. Slovakia is a beautiful country with many interesting places. Slovakia is mostly mountainous country. The highest mountains of Slovakia are High Tatras. Their highest pinnacle is Gerlachovský Štít. The height of Gerlachovský Štít is 2 655 meters above sea level. The most important rivers are the Danube, Váh, Moravia, Hron, Nitra and Orava.

The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava situated on the river Danube. The biggest towns of Slovakia are Košice, Žilina, Trenčín, BB, Prešov, etc. Small towns such as Bojnice, Zvolen, or Trenčín are famous for their castles. The most popular are the Bratislava castle, Devín castle, Čachtice castle with its bloody history or one of the largest in Central Europe - Spiš castle.

The country has many mineral and thermal springs with the healthy effects. The most famous are in Piešťany, Trenčianske Teplice, Dudince, Korytnica, Bardejov or Brusno.

Advantages of living in Slovakia are that there are many historical sights, many castles, many lakes, many caves, the Low and the High Tatras, a Slovak paradise, beautiful nature which is providing ideal possibilities for summer and winter activities. In Slovakia there are open-air museum protected by UNESCO, for example Vlkolínec, Čičmany, known their folk architecture. We don’t have to go abroad for beauties of nature.

If I lived abroad, I would miss the way of living in our town, my family, friends, beautiful nature and beauties of Slovakia.

SNV is a small town situated in Central Spiš with number of inhabitants of about 40 000. In the square centre of SNV there are situated Roman Catholic Church, Protestant Church, Town Hall and a theatre. For both, people living in SNV and non-residents there are many sports and cultural centers, for example sports hall, swimming pool, bowling, stadiums, fitness centre, cinemas, theatre, museum or ZOO.

Advantages of living in SNV are several, where the most important are beautiful forests surrounding our town, many small shops located directly in the centre, few cars on the roads, no traffic jams and no heavy traffic at all. Furthermore, we have many good pubs and restaurants with traditional food. Bad things about living in SNV are for example bad state of roads and streets, bureaucracy at the offices, or that we don’t have a big shopping center such as in Poprad.
SNV town and all Slovakia are interesting and attractive objects for foreign tourists, because they can find here beautiful nature, historical sights, good and cheap pubs and restaurants, together with quality services.
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