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Migration to the cities

Every year a lot of people living in rural areas leave their homes and move to the big cities to change their lives.

But why do they need to migrate to big cities? In fact, there are three main reasons why people migrate. Those are: Developed machines which are used instead of people, the increase in people in rural areas and insufficient social conditions.

First, people used to work on the fields to produce vegetables and fruits but then this changed. Due to the development of technology, farmers bought some sophisticated machines which made productivity better and preferred using those machines to villagers. Therefore, unemployment appeared. As a result of this, villagers began to migrate to big cities. In addition to this, although some people still have jobs in the rural areas, they move to big cities too because they want to earn more money. Next, the increase in people results in migration.

People in rural areas are often uneducated so they give birth unintentionally because they dont know how to control it. Because of this, the villages seem too small to live. In addition, when the number of people increases in rural areas, the number of unemployed people increases and people need more money and more food. Consequently, those people move to big cities.

The final reason of migration is the facilities of big cities. A highly industrialized city has more developed technology, better education system, high life standarts, well- paid jobs, good working conditions and health care system which is probably the most important factor. Those things attract country people to live in big cities. In conclusion, because of the above mentioned reasons, country people move to big cities because they find living in the big cities the same as living in the heaven.

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