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Why do we use massmedia?

I think, that mass media inform people about facts and informations of the latest news in the world, in your area or proffesional area, about society and so on.

Pros (advantages):

- inform people very quickly, we get information about the world in a short time
- watching TV we can see reall scenes of the wars, natural disaster or a car accident...
- we can get essential (základný, nutný, hlavný) info about vacant (vyprázdňovať, voľný, roztržitý) post, a new product and services, a business partner, a holiday place, a concert venue (príslušný súd, miesto schôdzky) or find a long life partner

Cons (disadvantages):

- sometimes not only true info are presented by mass media therefore people should select true/untrue (neverné) info
- journalists copy info from each other, however, investigate (vyšetriť) journalists really try to find new info about financional issues (otázky), murders, corruption
- famous people lose privacy because paparazzi follow them almost everywhere


-broadsheet (letáčik) – very formal
- tabloid UK (bulvárne noviny) – The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Express
- local – Nitrianske, Zlatomoravecko

Some magaziners are for man, women, doctors, lawyer, some for people who love cars, fishing and other hobby. We know magazines about fashion, animals, music, car, gardening, cooking and so on.

My parent buy a newspaper, for example Sme or Pravda. I like this magazines because there are a lot of usefull information about politics, society and so on. I like buy for example Eva, Ema, Elle, Miau because I like fashion and I am interested in new fashion, new materials. There are a good and interesting articles about celebrities.

I like listening Radio Express every morning and after a study. This radio playing my favourite songs therefore I get up with smile. I like this radio I think that there are a very professional moderators.

Now I have not much leisure time for a watch TV because I must learn. I watch some films or funny programs such as SOS. It is very good programs I always laugh loudly, when I watch it. Majority of day I prepare for my school leaving exam.

In Friday evening a lot of people (adults or children) watch the Superstar. I think the Superstar is very poor program in Friday evening. On the other hand Pyco and Adela are very favourite moderators.

In my opinion Reality shows and Soap operas are very embarrassing, and they have a poor story. But on the other hand sometimes I watch it. Because I relax after a study in front of TV. When I come home, TV broadcasts (vysiela) only soap operas and reality shows. I think it is very bad, if people watch it regularly.

I think that the best talkshow is Doma s Markízou. When I came home from school earlier I watch it. People with moderator talk about very interesting themes about society and its problems. My favourite moderator of this show is Janko Dubnička. Every day this talkshow to moderate (moderuje) other moderator.

Children watch a cartoon, fairy tails in the morning, young people mainly boys wathc a horrors or action films, girls prefer romantic films or comedy, soap operas, adults watch documentary, talk shops, reality shows and films, mostly weather, news

A few centuries ago people knew only a few kinds of communication. They could speak to each other, they could send their message from one place to another by smoke signals. Our world is very huge and sending a message from America to Asia a hundred years ago was nearly impossible (takmer nemožné) or it took a lot of time (al. zabralo veľa času). Nowadays we can send the message in a few seconds
and it is very simple.

The first expansion of media was when the radio and television were invented. The second and the biggest boom started in 1960s when the first communication satellite was launched (vypustený) into orbit (obežná dráha).

There are 4 main media:

Newspapers still have their own magic. There are 3 main kinds of newspaper:

- a quality newspaper – there are very big pages and longer articles. There are not too much photos. People who read it are businessmen or people with higher education.
- tabloids – there are smaller pages, short articles and plenty of photos (množstvo fotiek). There are more popular than broad sheets.
- special interests magazines – they are issued (vydaný) weekly or monthly and intent (účel) on special things like gardening or computers. They are much more expensive than daily newspapers, but they are printed in better paper.

TV is maybe the most widespread (rozsiahly) media in cultivated countries. With coming of communication satellites we can choose from variety programs like news, children s programs or programs with lots of films. They use lots of advertisements, because they want to earn money. Another kinds of programs are discussions, arts, quiz shows or films.

Radio is the second oldest kind of media. Although we nowadays have TV, radio is still very popular. It has lots of advanatages:

-we can take it nearly where we want, for example in car because it is mostly used for listening to music, it is very good for relaxing
-it is very often used for a background sound
-at present the radio is very well developed so if we have a good receiver we are able to choose which kind of programs we like to listen to

The Internet is very huge, world-wide and very fast. There are lots of information – more than in TV. It costs (náklady) a lot of money to have Internet today because we have to pay the provider (poskytovateľ) and we have to pay the telephone if we use modem. But we can find there everything if we know how to find it.

Today people take this as an ordinary thing and we nearly can not live without it. The media are very important for us. They give us big amount (množstvo) of information, so big that we can not remember all that things. The media make the world much smaller, particulary (zvlášť) the TV and the Internet. There are not only good things about media. Firstly there are always some information that are not true. Secondly there is a danger of being influenced (ovplyvnený) in the bad way. For example lots of pornography, violence on the Internet. And thirdly if we are a famous person, the media very often take very big piece of our privacy.

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