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Heroes - examples and ideals
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Heroes were usually in all the history of literature very strong, brave and ferarless men. For example in greek literature is well-known the strongest Hercules, the son of Hera and Zeus. He helped a lot of people and saved many lives. With his strong kicks a punches he could to fight against the titans, trolls, bad kings and against the gods too. I think that Hercules was and is one of the bravest characters of Greek literature.

Nowadays we need heroes too, but Hercules can be only an image for us because in this World is not so strong man. Today our society needs the clever, learned people with a good knowledge and courage. Ludovit Stur, Jan Hus, Hanibal... These people builded in all the history our freedom. And countryes like Iraq or North Korea need these people for revolutions. Where are they?
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