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I have choosen the C project, because it has capturate me. It’s about pop music. But here isn’t written, about what style of pop music... Now is too many styles in the world. E.g. it’s Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Disco and moooore. So I have choosen the music style, what I like. It’s Hip-Hop and Rap. First I am going to describe the Hip-Hop.

So Hip-Hop is the new style in music, but no only in music. Many people who listen this style wears a Hip-Hop clothes. It is so different because the people are different. Someone wears slops (broad trousers), broad T-shirts, caps, trainers and a lot of jewellery. But some wears normal clothes, like other „normal“ people. But let’s go back to the music. The Hip-Hop is dance music. People are going to the Hip-Hop schools and academies, because they want to learn to dance. This style is about real lifestyle, about problems in community and in families. The rappers want to describe the community, but it isn’t real sometimes. So this is Hip-Hop and let’s go to Rap.

The rap. The rap is like Hip-Hop. Music is hard and the texts are about problems. This problems are different. In rap music, the rappers wants to describe their problems. They sing about their life, their family, childrens and work. Some songs are so vulgar, but in todays generation it’s very interesting. Children likes it, but they have learnt it and they are using it in the normal talking. This is the problem. Back to music. Here are some bands in Slovakia, like H16 (my best), Kontrafakt, Názov Stavby and more. But here are too some single rappers, like Čistychov, Miki Mora, Rytmus, Vec...

A lot of people listen to Hip-Hop or Rap. But there are people, who listen any other style and here is the problem. People can be very aggressive and can kill some other for music. I’ll can never done that. It’s so stupid. This project is donation for my friend Misho, who have been killed by the nazists, because he listen to the metal music.

I’ll never forget.

That’s all.
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