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The enviromental issue of a greatest concern to me
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I consider pollution of water one of the most serious enviromental issues. Water is the prime condition for sustenation of life on Earth and through polluting it mankind risks great difficulties, which in fact have already started.

In the countries of the third world water is not a thing of daily use. Problems with lack of drinkable water bring serious diseases and daily cause deaths, whereas in our latitude, people pour water on themselves for 15 minutes within morning shower. And when somebody thinks about sparing water, it is not because of our environment, but usually due to high bills. In reality, without water to drink we could live about 30 days. A factory can pollute water in a minute, while it takes much more time to clear it again. Expenses for production of drinkable water rise quickly. When I was younger someone told me, that in the year 2020 one liter of water would cost 100 crowns. Imagine it. A nightmage for a little child. Since then I forgot about it uncountably many times, I forgot this morning when brushing my teeth just like anyone else. Because in my opinion the biggest problem is that people take water for something common, something of no value.

I do not want people to think about the fate of the world and the meaning of life everytime they flush the toilet, but to be aware that this simple act repeated miliards of times all around the world influences not only our money but also our future.
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