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Auckland - New Zealand - a guide
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Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. It has a population of just under a milion people and is located on North island. This seaport is an important centre for business and industry. It is also the most dynamic and multicultural city in new Zealand.

The history of the city goes back 650 years when the Maoris settled in the area. European settlement began in 1840 when the British arrived. New Zealand´s first governor, Captain William Hobson, made Auckland the capital. Later, the capital moved to Wellington, because it was more central. Since 1945, the city of Auckland has grown and it now has large modern suburbs. In 1985 the new Zealand government made the whole country a nuclear free zone and since then Auckland has been a centre for protest against nuclear testing in the pacific.

Famous sights inclue Mt Eden, one of may large volcanic hills, as well as the Auckland Harbor Bridge. At the parnell Village you can visit some of the first European Settlers homes. In the city is the beautiful Auckland Domain which is famous for its large palm trees and exotic plants. You can see Maoris perform their traditional dances at the Auckland Museum.

From wherever you are in the city, you an see the sea. Auckland´s nickname is ´the cityof sails´because it has more boats than anywhere else in the world. It has a warm climate with plenty of sunshine - the average temperature in january (summer) is 23,4 C and July (winter) it is 7,8 C. It has some of the best beaches in new Zealand for doing water sports: swimming, diving, fishing, sailing and windsurfing.

It is easy to travel between Auckland and the rest of new Zealand. There are regular international flights, too. Flights from Europe take over twenty- four hours and are expensive.
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