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Story (short version)
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It was a sunny day with clear sky. Young man-Bradley-wanted to go out with his 6 years old dog. Its name was Saskia and it was something like greyhound. They liked to going to the park so it is not neccessery to saywhere they went

After they had arrived to the calm park with beautiful fantastic trees and many kinds of flowers, Bradley unpacked his lunch and allowed him to run around. Ten minutes later Bradley decided to play some games with Saskia. He screamed: ,,Saskia, come on!“ But there was nothing happened. ,,Come on!“-he repeated it ten times. He started to be afraid about dog and he desperately started to look for it in all village bud dog didn´t appear. Our hero was so sad and felt unhappy.

He was crying during next night and next day, too. It was Friday and he didn´t go to work because of this reason. On Monday he went to buy some food and newspaper. While he was shopping strange individual arrived to his house.

When he came home he felt some invader. Suddenly he caught unknown voice. It was something like ill bird or burglar! He captured a big vase from a shelf and walked upstairs.

,,Yes, somebody is here!“ He told quietly. After he had opened the door of bedroom he was shocked. Saskia was lying on his bad ans she was playing with her favourite small ball.

Bradley was as happy as sandboy and kissed her. It didn´t matter where she had been. She was back and it was important for him :).
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