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Home, sweet home

Firsty, I want to tell you one example. In summer last year one couple´s house was burnt. Woman was very sad for this. She asked her husband about their home. And her husband said her: ,,Home? I am at home, because I am with you."

So, our question is: What is home? Home, is not only a house with four walls. Home is a place, where I am growing up, place where I am living with my family, place where I am very happy.

Home is a place, where I am feeling safe. A lot of people from Slovakia are travelling to the most beautiful places in the world. If the foreigners are asking them about their home, they say: ,,East west, home is best."

So, the conclude is: It is possible to live without a house, but it is impossible to live without a home. I like my home. My "sweet home".

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