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Benefits of Healthy Living
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The benefits of good and healthy living start with physical and mental training.
Good health produces a longer and a happier life. People must take care of their health. Healthy eating and involvement in some sport often help an individual to maintain a good level of health. A person who becomes newly conscious of his or her health will benefit from avoiding stressful situations. People like a strong, healthy and beautiful body. The trend of physical fitness spreads and gains more and more popularity each year. Physical activity every day for at least 20 minutes ensures active thinking, working with a better disposition, and gaining control of one’s life. Physical action and movement prolongs one’s life. Regular activity and a balanced diet always increase one’s health. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and coffee should be avoided because these items are detrimental. Consistent involvement in an activity in which one enjoys can be a fulfilling experience. As an athlete myself, I can attest that too much exercise can be a burden in which one does not enjoy. When exercising on a regular basis, we collect results, see our improvement, and become encouraged to exercise more.
In corporate business employees sit at their chairs most of the day and do not exercise. Because of this fact, many workers become overweight, lazy, and unmotivated. Studies prove that a fit employee achieves longer hours of work and greater success with clients and human relations. This fact becomes true when each individual employee feels happy with his or her body. His or her mind will follow the body’s example and, in turn, this will improve the appearance and attitude. With a healthy body, one increases endurance throughout the day. Employees accomplish more tasks at work and experience less fatigue.
Recent study measured the eating habits of average Americans. Based on this study of individual eating habits, people do not pay attention to their diet and eat unhealthy food. Men eat less food when under stress, while stressed women eat more sweet and bland foods, rather than salty ones. In this study, men and women were placed into either a stressed condition or control condition with a variety of food in the laboratory. The stressed group was told that they were to perform a speech after lunch. The control group was put into a natural setting. They listened to a passage of emotionally neutral text.
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