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How I spent my holidays? This is difficult question, because I did many things.

Holidays always starts on the 1st July. I love holidays. I have a lot of free time. I can do everything, for example I can sleep very long.

The weather was warm and sunny. It was good.

I worked in Emerson. There I met a lot of people, who were very interesting. I was there six weeks. When I have holidays in work, I was in the High Tatras. The High Tatras represent in Europe natural beauty. In the High Tatras are very long waterfalls, fresh air and many lakes, for example Štrbské and Popradské.

When I was at home, I was bored. We sometimes went to the forest awalk or for a mushrooms.

After, I was with family in our garden. We usually go to garden on Saturday. Our cottage is near to Váh.

But i was ill across holidays. I had problems with my knee, and had cold. It was very awful. I take many pills.

This was my perfect holidays.

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