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Exams are not useful
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In order to prove ones knowledge in a certain field, an exam is being widely used. A child is examined in the school since its first day. Even the very young children do realize that they may be worse or better then someone else. In their development all of them get adapted to the grading system and understand it as a fundamental judgement of their abilities and personal values. Which is not true. Evaluation of the individual should not only be rounded into the numbers form one to five. It should be a complex report of ones mental and social values. Starting with the grammar school pupils are ranked by their teachers and divided to groups of favorites and losers. Which makes tremendous problems and leads to depression of many of those who have been selected to play on the wrong side of the field. But even kids group themselves many times based on the school performance. Which leads to many problems, fights and tears at home. Present system of exams and tests stresses all of us since the early age. All of us caught them selves being afraid from the next days' math test or a weeklong final exams on the High school. Tests and exams follow everyone even after the High school especially on the University. Where they are supposed to act as a motivation factor and improve the qualities of the students. Diplomas and good grades at school many times do not reflect the abilities of an individual.
Keeping a position in the job and getting promoted takes great effort and a will to overcome all the exams and tests ahead. Many times even the co-workers set the hurdles on the way. In Slovakia where the unemployment reaches far higher numbers then in the EU, a job loads the workers even more because the jobless people awaiting outside. This allows the employer to make unlimited choices and set his own rules. This competitive environment leads many times to the company production rise and the improvement of all the staff involved. But for a great price of the exhaustion, stress and staff discomfort.
There are many suggestions to make the evaluation more fair and less stressful. Many schools and firms in the front running countries did adapt certain ways of hands on tests where the students and workers can learn and test them selves by the hands on experience such as the stock market investments. Where all involved students may take the decisions with the unreal money and learn to take measures of the risk.
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