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Today's pop music

My favourite bands is Tokio Hotel. They come from Germany.There are four people in this band-Georg, Tom, Bill, Gustav. They play rock.

Georg (18) plays the guitar.
Gustav (17) plays the drums.
Tom (16) plays the guitar.
Bill is a lead singer.

They wear usual rock clothes-jeans, leather jackets. T-shirt and sweatshirts.

They have special haircuts and they usually put caps on. They have their concerts about four times a month and they play in the large halls or stadiums because they have a lot of fans. Their concerts are great.They play their instruments, singand dance in a rock rhythm. They also talk to their fans and sing together with them. Their fans are the young people who prefer rock music, they were clothes with the name of this group. They try to have the same haircuts.

I like this group and their music very much. I woul like to go their concert. I have their CD. It 's called Schrei and my favourite songs are Durch den Monsun and Schrei. If I met them I would like to get their photo or poster with their signatures. Especialy Tom's photo, because he is my favourite member of the group.

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