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Useful Vocabulary:
Reasons: get experience, learn about, find out about, interested in
Personal qualities: committed(oddaný), hard-working, reliable, determined( rozhodný), enthusiastic(nadšený), creative
Experience: voluntary work(brigáda), holiday jobs, participaton in activities(zapojený do aktivít)
Qualifications: hold a certificate in…, passed exams in…, completed a course in..
Practical skills: fluent in(language), driving licence, cooking, first aid(prvá pomoc)

52 Hanover Street
8th January 2000

Nathalie Baudion
Patagonia Gmbh
Reitmorstrasse 50
8000 Munich 22

Dear Ms Baudion (Dear Sir or Madam)

1.) I am writing to apply for the position which was advertised last month in The Independent. I enclose a copy of my CV.

2.) Although I am presently employed by a non-profit making organization, it has always been my intention to work in a commercial environment. I would particularly welcome the chance to work for your company as I have long admired both the quality of the products that it provides and its position as a defender of environmental causes. As you will notice on my enclosed CV, the job you are offering suits both my personal and professional interests

3.) I think I am a hard-working and committed person for example I have participated for the last three years in a volunatry programme.

4.) My work experiences are: World, Excel, Proluc. I am fluent in English and Italien. I have a driving licence

5.) I would be pleased to discuss my curriculum vitae with you in more detail at an interview. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely (Your faithfully)
Dominika Vachová

A Personal Essay

1.)Introduction - Osobné informácie alebo nejaké historické informácie súvisiace s témoou
2.)Location and Facilities- Umiestnenie a vybavenie - opíš špeciálne budovy, izby alebo iné predmety
3.)Timetable - Rozvrh hodín – predmety, volný čas študentov
4.)After shool activities - extra študijné aktivity napríklad poobedné školské kluby
5.)Conclusion – záver – čo by mala mať to naj

Useful Vocabulary:
Location: city, centre, coutryside, forest, park
Facilities: coffe bar, computer room, gymnasium, library, music studio, swimming pool, theatre
Timetable: free time, optional subjects (cookin, do-it-yourself, driving lessons, self-deference), traditional subjects(foreign language, geography, history, literarature, maths, science)
After-school activities: chess club, choir, drama club, photography club, school trips

Addition: also, another thing, as well as(práve tak ako), in addition(okrem toho), too
Contrast: but, however
Example: for example, sucha s
Purpose(účel): in order to(za účelom), so that(tak, že)
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