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4.) Here´s some news for you about the group. Tom complains about everything. Colin spends all the time trying to be funny. And Tim has fallen in love with half the girls on the campsite! So you can imagine what it´s like!

5.) Well, I must finish – it´s my turn to cook tonight. Write back soon – i´ll be home on Monday. You can tell me all your news!

All the best,

Describing a Person

1.)Predstav osobu, kde, kedy sa narodila, kde žije, jej prácu, čo má rada a čo nie
2.)Ako vyzerá, vlastnosti
3.)Zvyklosti a vzťahy, správanie s k druhým ľuďom

Useful Vocabulary:
Hair: long/short/shoulder-length(po ramena)
Black/blond/brown/dark/fair-jasné/gray/red/white/curly - kučeravné,/straight/wavy – vlnité
Age: mid-age(stredný vek)/ early/late/teens(13-19)/twenties/thirties elderly-starší/middle-aged – strední vek/young
Special features(rysy): beard – fúzy,mužská brada/ moustache - fúzy, ponytail – vrkoč/ wrinkles-vrásky
General physical appearance: good-looking/overwight-nadváha/short/slim/tall/well-built
Personality: bad-tempered – mrzutá, cheerful – láskavá/creative – tvorivá/disorganised/dynamic/generous-štedrá/hard-working/helpful/hones-poctivá/insensitive-necitlivá/kind – milá/lazy-lenivá/materialistic-materialistická/mean-protivná/moody-náladová/nervous/outgoing-nesobecká/relaxed-uvolnená/reliable-spolehlivá/selfish-sobecká/shy-nesmelá/sociable-spoločenská/strong/stubborn-tvrdohlavá/sympathetic/tolerant/weak-váhavá
Like/Dislikes: animals, chess-šach/computers/plaing,listening to music/playing,watching sport/reading/travelling/watching videos

Linking: especially ,for example, sucha as, particularly

My Grandmother

1.)My grandmother is called Alice. She is sixty-one and she lives with my grandfather in a little flat in the centre of town. She works in a chemist´s – she has worked in the same shop for twenty years. She doesn´t have any hobbies, but she loves children and animals, especially dogs. She hates junk food such as hamburgers and never watches TV, except film.

2.)Alice has got short, white hair and clear, blue eyes. She is quite short and a bit thin. She always wears lots of make-up, especially lipstick, and you can smell her perfume when she kisses you! She is a very cheerful woman. In fact, she is always smiling. She is also very generous and helpful

3.)My grandmother is very popular with her neighbours, maybe because she is so helpful. For example, she often baby-sits for people in her street. Grandad says she spends more time with neigbours than with him. They often argue, particularly about politics, but after 35 years of marriage, I am sure they love each other really!

A description of a place

My friend Ellen is a writer and she now works from home, which is one reason she moved to a bigger house. One of her biggest interests is reading and her new house has a room which is big enough to hold all her books and be her office. The house is big, but it suits her personality and lifestyle.
The house is on the outskirts of town- she wanted to live away from the centre so that she wouldn´t be disturbed by noise. It´s got such a big garden that her neighbours are pretty far away, which is good because Ellen is rather sociable and often has noisy parties. There are two large bedroom with nice views. The living room is so big that it´s also the dining room.
Ellen writes for travel books such as the Rough Guides series. When she´s at home, she spends a lot of time in the kitchen, which is such a lovely room everyone enjoys sitting in it. It´s got a old-fashioned stove and wooden floors. It´s yellow and has huge windows so it´s really light and cheerful.
I think Ellen´s house reflects her interests and personality and it´s an ideal place for her to work and relax.

A film review

Broken Flowers was directed by Jim Jarmusch and was released in 2005. It stars Bill Murray, Jessica Lange and Julie Delpy.
Don is in his late 40s. He has had many romantic relationships and the film opens with his latest girlfriend leaving him. One day he receives an anonymous letter telling him he has a son who is trying to find him. After that, Don decides to find out who wrote the letter and if really has a son. In the end, although he does not discover the truth, he finds out more about himself. The film deals with problems such as loneliness and the difficulties of being a parent. Moreover, it is a film about how truth in relationships is fundamental and about treating other people with respect. The film is neither a thriller nor a drama – it is a comedy with a bitter-sweet-ending and it is beautifully filmed. Although I felt the story and characters were rather weak, the dialogue is excellent and the film certainly makes you think.
All things considered, I would recommend this film.
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