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Maturitné slohy z angličtiny

A Formal Letter to a Newspaper

Tvoja adresa


Názov novín
Pozdrav – Dear Editor/Sir/ Madam

1.)Príčina pre písanie tohto listu
2.)Napíš problém
3.)Napíš ešte iný problém
4.)Nejaké návrhy pre čín
5.)Záver – Formálne ukončenie

Podpis – tvoj

Enviroment: air pollution, noise pollution, river pollution, traffic pollution
Health: asthma sufferes, effects on children´s health, ris of deseases
Leisure(volno): cinema, outdoor activities, sports centre, youth club
Unemployment(nezamestnanosť): job opportunities(pracovné príležistosti), new jobs, training courses(školenia)
Needs: hospital, new bus route – nové autobusové cestovanie, park , road - cesta, school

Bolečkova 2
28th February, 2005

The Town Hall
Štefánikova 35
949 01 Nitra

Dear Mr Mayor

1.) I am writing to protest about the proposal for a new motorway. Many students and local people have been against the idea from the start.

2.) First, the Town Office says that the motorway bring traffic. However, in my opinion, it will pollute inviroment. Although the motorway would bring the better connection between Mlynarce and Bratislava.

3.) Despite what the government says, it is advantageous, I don´t think it is. Problems will increase. Cars on the motorway release into the atmosphere chemicals, which are harmfeel for health for example it will be very dengerous for students

4.) I think other residents should write to the government about this issue. This Wednesday I will be at the Commercial Academy to collect signatures for a petition. I think we should do everything we can to stop this motorway.

5.) I look forward to reading more letters about this issue in your newspaper.

Yours sincerely
MôJ podpis
MRs Dominika Vachová

A letter of Aplication

Your address
The date
Name and address(komu ideme písať)


1.)Reasons - Prečo ideš písať – o akú pozíciu sa zaujímaš,kde si sa to dozvedela
2.) Interest in a job - Prečo sa zaujímaš o túto práce
3.)Personal qualities - Osobné vlastnosti
4.)Qualificatons and practical skills – čo ovládaš, aké zručnosti máš
5.)Formal ending – ukončenie
Useful Vocabulary:
Reasons: get experience, learn about, find out about, interested in
Personal qualities: committed(oddaný), hard-working, reliable, determined( rozhodný), enthusiastic(nadšený), creative
Experience: voluntary work(brigáda), holiday jobs, participaton in activities(zapojený do aktivít)
Qualifications: hold a certificate in…, passed exams in…, completed a course in..
Practical skills: fluent in(language), driving licence, cooking, first aid(prvá pomoc)

52 Hanover Street
8th January 2000

Nathalie Baudion
Patagonia Gmbh
Reitmorstrasse 50
8000 Munich 22

Dear Ms Baudion (Dear Sir or Madam)

1.) I am writing to apply for the position which was advertised last month in The Independent. I enclose a copy of my CV.

2.) Although I am presently employed by a non-profit making organization, it has always been my intention to work in a commercial environment. I would particularly welcome the chance to work for your company as I have long admired both the quality of the products that it provides and its position as a defender of environmental causes. As you will notice on my enclosed CV, the job you are offering suits both my personal and professional interests

3.) I think I am a hard-working and committed person for example I have participated for the last three years in a volunatry programme.

4.) My work experiences are: World, Excel, Proluc. I am fluent in English and Italien. I have a driving licence

5.) I would be pleased to discuss my curriculum vitae with you in more detail at an interview. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely (Your faithfully)
Dominika Vachová

A Personal Essay

1.)Introduction - Osobné informácie alebo nejaké historické informácie súvisiace s témoou
2.)Location and Facilities- Umiestnenie a vybavenie - opíš špeciálne budovy, izby alebo iné predmety
3.)Timetable - Rozvrh hodín – predmety, volný čas študentov
4.)After shool activities - extra študijné aktivity napríklad poobedné školské kluby
5.)Conclusion – záver – čo by mala mať to naj

Useful Vocabulary:
Location: city, centre, coutryside, forest, park
Facilities: coffe bar, computer room, gymnasium, library, music studio, swimming pool, theatre
Timetable: free time, optional subjects (cookin, do-it-yourself, driving lessons, self-deference), traditional subjects(foreign language, geography, history, literarature, maths, science)
After-school activities: chess club, choir, drama club, photography club, school trips

Addition: also, another thing, as well as(práve tak ako), in addition(okrem toho), too
Contrast: but, however
Example: for example, sucha s
Purpose(účel): in order to(za účelom), so that(tak, že)
My ideal school

1.) At the momemt, I go to the Commercial academy school in Mlynarce. It is a large school with 800 students. It is quite a good school, but obviously it could be better. In this essay, I am going to describe my ideal school

2.) My ideal school would be near my home. There would be a snacbar, because I do not like the food in our school canteen. My school would also have computers in all classrooms, a large sport halls, fitness, a tennis court, footbal stadion or swimmingpool.

3.)Students would study optional subject, for example driving lessons or cookery. They would have usually at least two lessons and maximum six lessons a day. All students would have some free lessons in order to do private study or homework.

4.) As well as the subjects on the timetable, there would be many after-school clubs, such as drama, photography and sports.

5.) To sum up, I think my school would have a good variety of activities – something for everyone. It is certainly a place I would like to go to

A Report


1.)Cieľ písania, stručný opis miesta
4.)Čomu dávam prednosť a prečo - píšeme v prítomnom čase

Useful Vocabulary
Positive adjectives: cheap, clean, easy, free, frequent, good, punctual – presné
Negative adjectives: damaged - poškodené, dangerous - nebezpečné, dirty, expensive - drahé, inefficient - neúčinné, polluted – znečistené
Nouns: accident, bicycle track, bus fares autobusové sadzby, bus service – autobusová doprava, bypass - vynechanie, car park - parkovisko, lorries – nákladné autá, old buildings, pedestrian area – oblasť pre chodcov, public transport – verejná doprava, shopping centre, traffic jam – dopravná špička, traffic lights – dopravné svetelné signály, train service – vlaková služba, zebra crossing – prechod prechodcov

The old buildings are dirty and damaged
The old buildings are dirty. Some of them are damaged too
The old buildings are dirty. Some of them are also damaged
The old buildings are dirty. In additon(okrem toho), some of them are damaged
The old buildings suffer from dirt plus damage.
But, although, however, on the one hand, on the other hand

To: School Magazine
From: Dominika Vachová
Date: 8.12. 2006
Subject: The local transport to our school
1.) The aim of this report is to examine the transport situation in Mlynarce, a small village near Nitra.

2.) There are several positive things
a.)There is a good train station. Trains are regular.
b.)There is a quite good bus service with the main square.
c.)The buses are very frequent.

3.) However, there are negative things too.
a.)The buses are overcrowded in the morning. You pay the same price for a short journey as for a long one.
b.)If there is a traffic accident in the centre, then we can´t get to school on time.
c.)The buses are very expresive.
d.) Cars releate chemicals into the atmosphere, which are harmfeel for health for example
it is very dangerous for students.
e.) The old buildings are dirty. In addition, some of them are damaged.

4.) To sum up, on the one hand Mlynarce is an interesting village with good school.
On the other hand, the local council need to do something to control the traffic which passes through Mlynarce.
A story

1.)Úvod – opísať prostredie, kto tam vystupuje – aké postavy
2.)Čo sa stalo – opísať hlavnú príčinu
3.)Vyvrcholenie zápletky
4.)Rozuzlenie a ukončenie
- píšeme to v minulých časoch (jednoduchý, priebehový, predprítomný)

Useful Vocabulary

Weather: cloudy-zamračené, foggy-hmlisto, freezing-mrazivo, rainy - daždivý, sunny - slnečný, wet – mokro
Places: castle – hrad, mountains, old house, park, river, valey, woods
Verbs: argue – súhlasiť, crash – naraziť, escape – uniknúť, fall, fing, get back, get lost – stratiť, hunt – prenasledovať, hurt – zraniť, meet, recognise – rozpoznať
Adjective: afraid, amazing – úžasný, awful – strašný, beautiful, exciting, frightening – desivé, strange – zvláštne, terrifying
Linking: During, first, as soon as – hneď ako, after, suddenly, later, just then, in the end, immediately - ihneď, while – kým

A story

1.) It was a sunny day in a vallley.The sun was shining. The day before Johny and Jane had decided to go walking to the country. They met at ten o´clock.

2.) They walked. The nature was beautiful. Johny and Jane saw a large lake. Suddenly, Jane fell and she hurt herself. It wasn´t a serious injury. After an hour, it became cloudy and suddenly it started to rain. They were frightened, because they got lost. They were in a wrong way. They came to the dark forest. John and Jane were terrified. They did not know where they were.

3.) When it stopped to rain, John and Jane met their friend Michael form school. Michael was very intelligent and he was very surprise. They returned to the camp together. All the people of the camp were very hungry. John made a fire. They started to barbecue.

4.) They were tired but they all felt very happy. Their teacher played the guitar and boys and girls sang. Everybody was lucky and everybody enjoyed there. This camp was very funny for Jane and for Johny.. This adventure finished happily

An Informal Letter

Your address
The date


1.)Úvod – napíš nejaké uvítacie otázky priateľovi
2.) Kde si, aké je počasie
3.) Čo robíte, kde chodíte
4.) Mienka o ľuďoch, tvoj názor
5.) Koniec – ospravedlnenie, prečo končíš písanie listu
6.) Pozdrav a tvoje meno. All the best(všetko dobré)/Lots of love(vela lásky) a pod to tvoje meno

Useful Vocabulary(užitočné slová)

Weather: changeable – premenlivé, Freezing – mrazivé, Cloudy – zamračené, Hot – teplé, Rainy – daždivé, Sunny - slnečné
Accommodation(býbanie): Cabin – kabína, campsite – kemping, farm, hotel, tant – stan, youth hostel – nocľaháreň pre mládež
Locations: in a forest – v lese, in the middle of , in the mountains, on the coast – na morskom brehu, near a town
Activities: canoeing – kanoistika, diving – potápanie, parachuting, rafting, sailing – plachtenie, skiing – lyžovanie, snowboarding, trekking – chôdza, windsurfing

Isle of Skye
5th August

Hi Tania,

1.) How are you? I hope the summer job is going well. Have you decided where to go on holiday? That skiing break sounds the best, doesn´t it?

2.) Anyway, we are camping here on the Isle of Skye. We´re staying on a campsite in the middle of nowhere. We´ve been here for five days but it feels longer. It´s rained every single day – an you believe it? Everything is wet – our shoes, our sleeping bags, all our clothes!

3.) Luckily, we didn´t come here for the nightlife! Actually, there isn´t any! But then we are all too tired at the end of the day anyway. We go walking every day and yesterday saw some seals. We are all tried sailing and windsurfing, but we are not very good. This afternoon I fell into the sea five times!
4.) Here´s some news for you about the group. Tom complains about everything. Colin spends all the time trying to be funny. And Tim has fallen in love with half the girls on the campsite! So you can imagine what it´s like!

5.) Well, I must finish – it´s my turn to cook tonight. Write back soon – i´ll be home on Monday. You can tell me all your news!

All the best,

Describing a Person

1.)Predstav osobu, kde, kedy sa narodila, kde žije, jej prácu, čo má rada a čo nie
2.)Ako vyzerá, vlastnosti
3.)Zvyklosti a vzťahy, správanie s k druhým ľuďom

Useful Vocabulary:
Hair: long/short/shoulder-length(po ramena)
Black/blond/brown/dark/fair-jasné/gray/red/white/curly - kučeravné,/straight/wavy – vlnité
Age: mid-age(stredný vek)/ early/late/teens(13-19)/twenties/thirties elderly-starší/middle-aged – strední vek/young
Special features(rysy): beard – fúzy,mužská brada/ moustache - fúzy, ponytail – vrkoč/ wrinkles-vrásky
General physical appearance: good-looking/overwight-nadváha/short/slim/tall/well-built
Personality: bad-tempered – mrzutá, cheerful – láskavá/creative – tvorivá/disorganised/dynamic/generous-štedrá/hard-working/helpful/hones-poctivá/insensitive-necitlivá/kind – milá/lazy-lenivá/materialistic-materialistická/mean-protivná/moody-náladová/nervous/outgoing-nesobecká/relaxed-uvolnená/reliable-spolehlivá/selfish-sobecká/shy-nesmelá/sociable-spoločenská/strong/stubborn-tvrdohlavá/sympathetic/tolerant/weak-váhavá
Like/Dislikes: animals, chess-šach/computers/plaing,listening to music/playing,watching sport/reading/travelling/watching videos

Linking: especially ,for example, sucha as, particularly

My Grandmother

1.)My grandmother is called Alice. She is sixty-one and she lives with my grandfather in a little flat in the centre of town. She works in a chemist´s – she has worked in the same shop for twenty years. She doesn´t have any hobbies, but she loves children and animals, especially dogs. She hates junk food such as hamburgers and never watches TV, except film.

2.)Alice has got short, white hair and clear, blue eyes. She is quite short and a bit thin. She always wears lots of make-up, especially lipstick, and you can smell her perfume when she kisses you! She is a very cheerful woman. In fact, she is always smiling. She is also very generous and helpful

3.)My grandmother is very popular with her neighbours, maybe because she is so helpful. For example, she often baby-sits for people in her street. Grandad says she spends more time with neigbours than with him. They often argue, particularly about politics, but after 35 years of marriage, I am sure they love each other really!

A description of a place

My friend Ellen is a writer and she now works from home, which is one reason she moved to a bigger house. One of her biggest interests is reading and her new house has a room which is big enough to hold all her books and be her office. The house is big, but it suits her personality and lifestyle.
The house is on the outskirts of town- she wanted to live away from the centre so that she wouldn´t be disturbed by noise. It´s got such a big garden that her neighbours are pretty far away, which is good because Ellen is rather sociable and often has noisy parties. There are two large bedroom with nice views. The living room is so big that it´s also the dining room.
Ellen writes for travel books such as the Rough Guides series. When she´s at home, she spends a lot of time in the kitchen, which is such a lovely room everyone enjoys sitting in it. It´s got a old-fashioned stove and wooden floors. It´s yellow and has huge windows so it´s really light and cheerful.
I think Ellen´s house reflects her interests and personality and it´s an ideal place for her to work and relax.

A film review

Broken Flowers was directed by Jim Jarmusch and was released in 2005. It stars Bill Murray, Jessica Lange and Julie Delpy.
Don is in his late 40s. He has had many romantic relationships and the film opens with his latest girlfriend leaving him. One day he receives an anonymous letter telling him he has a son who is trying to find him. After that, Don decides to find out who wrote the letter and if really has a son. In the end, although he does not discover the truth, he finds out more about himself. The film deals with problems such as loneliness and the difficulties of being a parent. Moreover, it is a film about how truth in relationships is fundamental and about treating other people with respect. The film is neither a thriller nor a drama – it is a comedy with a bitter-sweet-ending and it is beautifully filmed. Although I felt the story and characters were rather weak, the dialogue is excellent and the film certainly makes you think.
All things considered, I would recommend this film.
A description of an event

Last week we went to an exhibition. We learnt lots about the place before we went so as not to waste any time when we got there. The exhibition had been specially designed so that people could expreriment with the machines. The exhibition was very busy as a result of being so popular – we had to wait an hour to get in because of the long queues. I tried a machine for testing your coordination. There were quides in every room in case people wanted to ask questions. The guides were very konwledgeable and, as a result, we learned a lot. We were very tired afterwards, as the exhibition was huge

Description of my city

I live in Nitra. It is one of the biggest city in Slovakia. It is a city, which is beautiful. A city Nitra is situated the near of main city Bratislava. The city Nitra has got five hundred thousand people.

My city is a very interesting place. It is a historical city. There are a lot of shopping centres such as baker´s, florit´s . There are three large cinemas and one theatre. There are a lot of shops but there is only one good sport hall. There are two sports hall, which are very old and demoleshed. The city Nitra has got one football playgroung. Footbal is very popular in Nitra. There is also one ice playgroung. Hockey is the most popular sport in Nitra. Nitra is also sport´s city. There a lot of club for young people. Young people have got a wide choosing of fun. It is an ideal place for young and old people.

I very like my city, because I have lived for ninetheen years there. There live my friends, my mother, father, two brothers. In my opinion Nitra is the best city for me and all family

The Green Ribbon Party

The Green Ribbon Party took place on 1th of December on Friday evening in Agrokomplex. There were students and their parents, teachers, cameramans and photographers, waiters.

Before the party, I was very nervous. As soon as I came to the party, I went with my pupils in the main hall. Next there was an official ceremony where we sing student’s anthem Gaudeamus Igitur and receive a green ribbon from a headteacher.The Green ribbon is a symbol of hope that leaving exams will be successfully passed. Next we had dinner. We had rice with chicken.

During the meal there was a great fun. While we were eating, Jane´glass fell. We very laughted there. Next, there was the program of amusement. Firstly we danced with parents. It was boring. Then was student´s program. Students represented their class of funny scenes. This was the main part of this evening. Next there was disco.

In the end everybody was very tired but full of emotions and impressions. I had very happy feelings from this because everybody was happy and every body enjoyed there.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing you a complain about the services you have mentioned in your brochure about the Star Hotel, Northwold.

First af all I would like to advise you to give correct and clear informations in your brochures. Although there is nothing to complain about the staff, rooms and in gerneral the hotel, there are a lot of other details that bothered me.

I have visited the Northwold during a weekend and I expected, that the hill top castle should be open, but it was shut. I felt really disappointed. The second thing is that all the shops, cafés and art galleries were closed. I had not expected a festival theatre, but you could state, that it is open only in summer. There was a swimming pool, however, it was outdoor and not heated. The only thing I was satisfied with were the tennis courts.

On one hand the weekend was not so bad at all. On the other hand I was a little bit upset. So I want you to give more detailed informations in your brochure.

I am looking forward to hearing from you,

Yours faithfuly,


My favourite room

I think my favourite room is a room, where I spent at least one and half hour a day. It is a living room. My living room is small. The walls are in white for more light. The carpet is in a red color with painted blooms. The arrangment of that room is tasteful. In room there is a small table where is my computer. There is a television, a sofa and my bed. There are some wardrobes and bookcase on the right side of this room. I spend there more of my free time. I listen to my favourite music, I play computer games or watch Tv. The effect of room is very possitive me and it gives me a feeling of happiness. So I would change nothing on it.
Description of my school

The Bussines academy is located in the part of the town which is called Mlynarce. Mlynarce is located near the centre of the town Nitra. On the street, where is situated the Bussines academy, there are many houses. Around the school is located the church, next to is pub Fugas and along the school is a motorway and a bus stop which connected Mlynarce with centre of the town. Next to the bigger building there is a large playground. We use it, when we have P.E. The school is big and old fashioned. The school is a divided to four parts. The basic building is big and has many windows. There are classrooms, for example classroom with computers, classroom for IT. In each floor there are WC and classrooms. Next to this building is a school canteen, gym and building for first-year students. On the walls there are pictures. All walls are painted of white in colour. In my opinion this school is very positive, because I have met good people there.

My future job

I don´t known what I want to do. Child in a childhood wanted to be for example a singer, an actor, a sportman. When I was a child I wanted to be a princes. When I was ten years old I wanted to be a lawyer, a journalist or a doctor. These positions were my ideas. Now when I am an adult person I have got different ideas. I want to do a job, which is better paying because money are very different in life. I do not want a job, which will borring and stresfull. I would like to do a job with children because I am very good in dealing with people. I am not telented but I am very good person and I am cheerful. My future job would be interesting. I would like to do as policman because this job is very positive. It has a lot of adventages for example policmen have not to pay for fast driving. I would like to work in large cities such as New York, Prague, Paris, Berlin. I am not choosing my futer job now. I hope my future job will funny.

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