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Letter for the school
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Pribinovco 1639/15
Bratislava 02001
Slovakia 64

The principal
The World English School
47 Harrogate
Rd York

Dear Madam or Sir, 

I saw your announcement hanged on notice board in my school and I am interested in coming to your school this winter holiday. I have studied English since 1999 and I like it so much. I want to go England, because I like English, but I have never been in this place. I know if can not come to England this time, so I can go there when I grow up. I think when I will go to England and I will be able to speak with British people and my English can be better. Practical experience is very good help for theoretical study of English language. For example my friend, who was in English school during her holiday last year, she said to me, it is the best school in England according her. I want to try something new and will know new people and to see a lot of new places. Please could you send me more information about your school and possible temporary staying in your region and school? I would also like to know some information about your accommodation. I look forward to hearting from you as soon as possible.

Yours Faithfully,

Misha Violin.

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