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Seven wonders of the world
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The pyramids of Egypt

They are the oldest and lasted from seven wonders of the world that are today. They are in Gisa on the other side of the Nile than Cairo. The biggest of them is the Pyramids of Cheops. Two smaller pyramids were of his son and grandson.

The statue of Zeus at Olympia

In 5th century inhabitants of Olympia decided to build a temple of Zeus. They used big stone places to build of this temple. The statue was 13 metres high and it stayed in Olympia for 800 years. When Romans closed Greek temples the statue was moved to Istanbul and in 462 fires destroyed it.

The tomb of Mausolus

Mausolus was a king of one part of Persia. He planed giant tomb for him and his wife. Gradual pyramid was on the top of building. The Mausoleum was complete destroyed by an earthquake.

The handing gardens of Babylon

They were built about 600 before Christ for king Nabukadnesar the second. The king built the gardens for his young wife Amytis. Lot of kinds of different trees and plants grew there.

The pharos, lihgthouse of Alexandria

It was built for the save travelings of boat. His flames shined at night, smoke raised above during the day. It was the first lighthouse in the world.

The temple of Diana

King Kroisos built it. 120 marble columns propped up a roof. Every column was high 20 metres. Big statue of Diana stayed in the middle of the temple. In 356 before Christ it burned.

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