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My ideal school
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My ideal school

Each of us imagines one′s ideal school differently. For someone my present school could be an ideal – after all it counts among the best schools in our city. In spite of this I think there are some things I would change. Also, how should my ideal school look like?

I wish my ideal was situated right in the centre of the city. However, it should be built near a park where the students could spend their breaks on shiny days. The building should be modern with a big schoolyard in the area. In addition, you could find there a big garden peppered with flowers – this would be a nice place for doing homework!

In the favourite school cantine just tasty meals would be cooked. At the beginning of the school year the students would vote for some favourite meals they would like to have for lunch. Naturally, there would be given some other meals, too. But always you could pick out of three offered meals. As well as this favourite cantine, there should be a buffet. For PE lovers (but not only for them) there would be a swimming pool. I wish the gym had something for everyone – from weight room to climbing wall.
How better could the school oblige the students by learning than having its own library? I think, it would be one of my favourite places.

The students would study all the usual subjects such as biology, maths, chemistry or geography. In addition, there would be taught 4 languages: English, German, French and Spanish, and the students should choose 2 languages which they would like to study. Also, some optional subjects would be taught there, for example PE, Religion and Computer Studies. In every class there would be at least one computer and a sofa – for comfortable spent breaks. In addition, for every subject should be at least one special classroom.

In order to make some days more interesting, a few school competitions could be organised. And what about the exams and other strange things? They would be written only during the even/odd weeks, so there would be some more free and some „test weeks“. I wish the lessons lasted only 30 minutes, but we would have 10 lessons per day. Also we would end at the same time as nowadays, just the lessons would be oftener – that would be it!

There should be also many after-school activities, so that the ringing not make the students say only „Finally!“ and let them run home. A good variety of after-school activities is the basis of a great school. What about choir, drama class, photography and sport clubs or language courses? In order to this, the basis of the interest for activities is the teacher. Unfortunately, many teachers of after-school activities take them not seriously – and the result is that majority of these activities ends after 2 months. In my ideal school this should not happen!

To sum up, my ideal school I am writing about should be like my home from home where I would like to return after holidays.
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