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Four seasons

There are four wonderful seasons during the year. I think the best seasons for me are summer and winter.

Summer is the hottest one. Students have holidays and they always do something outside, only when there is a bad weather, they stay at home. Some people go for vacation to southern states, for example to Italy, Spain, or France where is a sea because here in Slovakia we do not have any sea.

Other people go hiking to mountains and in Slovakia most of them usually go to the High Tatras because there is very salubrious air and nice nature. In summer I usually do cycling with my friends and visiting castles with my brothers. Sometimes I play bedminton or petanque with them, too. I like it because I have a fun with them. I also go to see my grandma who lives in a village. She has a big garden near her house and there is always something to do.

Winter is, of course, the coldest season. Snow is everywhere and we build a snowmans.We have a holidays again.In winter there are Christmas – celebration of Jesus Christ´s born.The town is decoraded with Christmas ornaments.On the 24th of December we have a Christmas dinner, sit under the Christmas tree , listen carols and give a Christmas presents to each other. In the winter I like skiing altought I'm not very good at skiing.

Remaining two seasons are spring and autumn. In the spring, the plants start to grow again and in the autumn, the trees turn yellow and drop their leaves. These two seasons I don´t like so much because it always rains and it´s grey . The sky is cloudy and usually in the mornings there is a fog. I don´t go often out in these season. I usually sit at home and do something useful. This unfavourable weather makes me sleepy.

Every of these four seasons are magical , but my favourite seasons are really summer and winter.Maybe because i don´t have a school and I have more time for my own activities
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