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My Parents and Me

I have mother, father and one sister. We live in Ružomberok in a family house. I have two grandmothers but my grandfather is died. First of my grandmothers live in Partizánske with my mother´s brother. Second of my grandmother live in the Ružomberok.

Mother: My mother has not very long brown hair and brown eyes. My mother´s name is Mária. My mother is originally from Partizánske. She finished study in high school in Bratislava. She is unemployed. She has two brothers and one sister. First brother´s name is Jozef. He lives in Partizánske. He and his wife have two children. Older child is their daughter Veronika and younger child is son Dominik. The second brother is Štefan. He lives too in Partizánske. He and his wife have two children too, but two girls. Their names are Nikol and Natália. Mother´s sister Zuzana lives in Partizánske too. Zuzana has one son Michal.

Father: My father has very short brown hair and brown eyes. Fathers name is Ján. He is originally from Vranov nad Topľou. He works in Martin. He have very business trip. He finished study in high school in Bratislava. He has one brother and two sisters. Brother’s name is Milan. He lives in Prešov. Milan has four children. They have three sons and one daughter. Ján have 16 years and he is student on secondary school. Jakub have 18 and Milan 11, Magdaléna is 13 years old. First sister´s name is Darina. She lives in Czech Republic. She has two daughters and one son. Son´s name is Martin and have 18 years. Older daughter is Jana (21) and younger is Viktória (7). Second sister´s name is Jarmila. She lives in Snina. She has four children. One son (Ľubo) and three daughters (Veronika, Slávka and Katarína).

Me: I have brown short hair and brown eyes. I’m fourteen years old. I live in Ružomberok. I was born in 21th of June in 1993. I study on secondary school (private business school) in Ružomberok. I play ice hockey and I’m goalie. I think that I’m good at hockey, I have two gold, two silver and four iron medal. I’m very big hockey fan. I visited three world championships in ice hockey (Austria, Latvia and Russia). I have one sister. She is fourteen years old. We are twins. I will go at the university and find some good job.

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