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My favourite room

I live in a house, which has four rooms. And I have to write about one of them. My favourite room is my bedroom.

My room is big, but not huge. Near the wall I have a table. On the table there is a computer. The wall is orange, because it is my favourite colour. On the wall there are some pictures. On a ceiling there is a pretty lamp and round there are paste up some stars. On the door there are six posters. Behind the door I have my bed. All the furniture of my room is in brown colour. Over the bed there is a shelf, on which I have plush toys, some photos, CDs and some books.

But the things, which are in my room, are not so important. I spent there all my birthdays. When I have some calls with my friends, we always go to my bedroom. I spend there majority of my free time. I listen to my favourite music or watch TV there. I, of course, sleep there.

I can not imagine my childhood without this room. It is really the best room in our house.

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