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School system in Slovakia
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The children started to go to creche at the age of two and finished when they are three years old but I personally wasn´t going to creche.

Pre – school

From the age of three to six are childrem going to the kindergarder and they are there about nine hours. Kindergardens started open at six o´clock and close between three and four p. m. Children are here play with cars, dolls, plush toys or other toys, they are drawing pictures, learn songs and poems but sometimes they watches TV. In the mornong they had a breakfast, at twelve o´clock they had a lunch. After lunch they sleep about two hours. Later they had a snack and they waiting for their parents.

Basic schools

When children has six years old they started go to basic school and they are nine years and starts at 8 a.m. They are there learning to write letters and later also words and sentences, read, arithmetic. When they now writing they learn word class and their declension and conjugation, selected words, methods of diction and they write dictations. They learn basics of history, physics, geography, natural history and chemistry but the most favourite is physical education. The school hours takes 45 minutes. After each hour children has ten minutes long break and after second hour is twenty minutes long break for a breakfast. They are at school about five or six hours a day ten months a year. Everybody is joy for holiday which are christmas, midyear, spring, easter and the best and also the longest are summer holiday which is in July and August. In nine year pupils has final exams also called monitor and accepting exams for secondary schools.

Secondary schools

There students starts study at the age about 15 years old and they study for four years. Breaks are five, ten and twenty minutes long and lessons takes also 45 minutes long. Students can choose between grammar, apprentice or vocational schools. I am going to Secondary Technical school of Jozef Murgaš and it is the best school in Banská Bystrica.


When you want to enter to university, you must have a final exam from secondary school. You will study 4, 5 or 6 years. You will have 2 semesters for one school year. You will have lectures and seminars. You will have exams and tests past every semester. Our university studying is free of charge. You will finish school with final exam. You can get a degree.
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