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Presov is a city in eastern Slovakia. With a population of approximately 91,000 it is the third-largest city in the country. The town is a centre of Rusyns in Slovakia. Prešov is a city lying in the Torysa river valley, in the historical Šariš region. It is located 33 km north of Košice,.

Early 19th century Neptune´s Fountain in city centre - gift from a merchant Mark Holländer - reminder of the once thriving local Jewish community.


The original church from the year 1230 was a typical one-nave structure. In 1502-15, the church was expanded into a three-nave building and acquired a late-Gothic appearance. The church has been engulfed by fire several times during its existence. After what was probably the largest fire in 1788, a classicistic portal was built. During the 1950’s, the church underwent major repairs, including a new travertine floor, plaster, paint, stained-glass windows, radio and stations of the cross. Plastics from the work of Master Pavol of Levoča and other valuable fragments in the Gothic style can be found in the interior. One of the most remarkable sights in the church is the main altar of St. Nicholas, which is a symbiosis of Gothic and Baroque art. Because of its dimensions: 54.7m long, 34m wide and 16m high, the Church of St. Nicholas in Prešov is one of the most beautiful monumental late-Gothic structures in Slovakia.

Prešov is an impressive city culturally; many concerts, operas, operettas and stage plays are performed at the new building of the Jonáš Záborský Theatre (Divadlo Jonáša Záborského), as well as at the old location.

The city is a wonderful showcase of Baroque, Rococo and Gothic architecture. In the Staré Mesto (Old Town/Downtown) area, the main street is lined with churches and other buildings built in these styles..Prešov is also seat of a Greek Catholic bishopric, a Lutheran Church bishopric and an Orthodox archbishopric.

Torysa is a 129 km long river in eastern Slovakia. Its source is in the Levoča Moutains and it flows through these towns:Lipany, Sabinov, Veľký Šariš, Prešov and it flows into Hornád near Nižná Hutka, southeast of Košice.

Country Museum The Homeland Museum at Presov is placed in the socalled Rakoczi Palace, a Renassance buildind. It was open in 1945 as a Municipal Museum, later acted as a Regional Museum and from 1961 as the Museum of the Slovak Council Republic

Prešov is dominated by the baroque complex of Calvary situated on a not very high hill at the western end of the city. In the past, it was considered to be the second most beautiful Calvary in the territory of the Hungarian Lands (the first one being that in Banská Štiavnica).

In Greek mythology, Poseidon (Latin: Neptūnus) was the god of the sea, as well as of horses and, as "Earth-Shaker," of earthquakes. The sea gods Rodon in Illyrian mythology, Nethuns in Etruscan, and Neptune in Roman mythology were sea gods analogous to Poseidon. Poseidon also has many family members such as Zeus, Hera, and his many children.
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