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Everyday thousands of people travel. The reasons are different. They travel to school, to work, or on bussiness. Before travelling one has to decide about the mean of transport.

Ordinary people travel daily to schools and jobs. Most frequently by car, bus, or underground. Some of the people love walking, or bike and motorbike.

In the past people travel less then today, because transport was not so easy than today. Poor people must walk along by feet too long way. Richer people owned some horses, or carriage and pair.

Transport is different in many country in the world. Lifestyle of inhabitants or location of country are factors, thats influence mean of transport . For example, Bedouins, who lives in desert, must pass long roads on camels.

To school I have not so far, but I traveledu usually by car or bus. In spring and in summer too on feet. In winter not, because is very cold and I do not like a lot of snow. Bus is budget-priced, quite comfortable and quite fast, although car is faster and more comfortable for me.

In my opinion revolution in transport is very close. Future cars will have grotesquely shape and they will be driven by gas, water or air. Underground or train will be very faster then today. People will be live still hectic then today. If it was all on me, I have not changed a lot of things. I would like only that means of transport will less fouling our environs. And I would like to change price of air tickets or tickets to ship, because simple people can not allow faster and comfortable travelling.
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