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Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
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Soldiers that use the SMGs (Thompson or MP40) as their primary weapon are often deemed 'pointless'. For example, an engineer that uses an SMG can do everything that a soldier with an SMG can, and has the added bonus of being able to fulfil the objectives. In official matches, the Soldier power bar takes 27 seconds to fully reload.

Field Ops (Class Skill - Signals)

Field Ops support teammates with supplies and support fire. They can drop packs containing ammunition. Support fire is signalled by throwing a colored smoke grenade to call in an airstrike - a series of explosions in a short line along the smoke - or targeting a location with binoculars to call in an artillery strike - a series of explosions surrounding the area determined by the Field Op. The airstrike is generally used for immediately clearing out a large area. The artillery strike is used for making one small area very dangerous for a longer period of time. With both, there is a limit on how many strikes the entire team can have in effect at once. Field Ops spawn with one hand grenade.

Field Ops receive 1 experience point for each ammo pack picked up by a fellow team member, 3 experience points for killing an enemy player with an airstrike or an artillery strike, and 7.5 experience points for destroying an objective with either.

* Level 1 - Ammo packs that you drop contain one extra magazine (Mega Ammo Packs); power bar requirement for ammo packs reduced to 15% from 25%. Field Ops may also carry two hand grenades, although they continue to spawn with one.
* Level 2 - Power Bar requirement for airstrikes and artillery strikes is reduced by 30%.
* Level 3 - Airstrikes provide a second series of explosions immediately after the first. Artillery strikes last twice as long.
* Level 4 - The Field Op can recognize disguised enemy Covert Ops. (Turns up as "Disguised Enemy" when cursor is placed over him.)

Medic (Class Skill - First Aid)

The Medic has more health than any other class, and slowly regenerates health. The Medic can heal teammates with health packs and revive them with syringes. In some servers, syringes can also be used to poison enemy players. Since a Medic regenerates health, and usually gains the most experience by staying with a group, it's a good choice for beginners. However, a skilled player can make a medic an extremely deadly individual soldier, this often occurring mini-class is known as a "rambo medic." The greatest disadvantage for medics is their lack of ammunition, they only spawn initially with only one SMG magazine and one grenade.

Medics receive 1 experience point for each health pack picked up by a fellow team member and 4 experience points for reviving a fellow team member.

* Level 1 - The Medic spawns with one extra magazine of ammo and one extra hand grenade.
* Level 2 - The Medic spawns with and may carry two extra syringes. Power bar requirement for dropping health packs is reduced from 25% to 15%.
* Level 3 - Syringes revive a knocked out teammate to full health.
* Level 4 - The Medic may inject himself with adrenaline. When using adrenaline, the Medic runs faster and takes half damage.
His stamina bar is immediately filled and cannot be depleted while the adrenaline is working. The effect lasts for ten seconds.

Adrenaline is a useful and sometimes decisive tactical tool, used to rush into places of critical value for achieving objectives.
o In some mods, once Level 4 has been obtained, all classes that the player uses thereafter can use adrenaline. On a few servers, a Level 4 Medic may also "give" Adrenaline to their teammates (alt fire). This also costs a full power bar.
o In some mods, the Syringe may also be used to poison enemy players. The poisoned player takes continues damage anywhere up to 5 seconds and then dies. Depending on the mod, the poisoned player's screen may either become progressively distorted, or the screen may shake uncontrollably - in either situation, aiming accurately is almost impossible. Most mods allow the poisoned person to return to a normal state if they pick up a Medic's health pack.
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