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Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
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Engineer (Class Skill - Engineering)

Engineers are the only class that can accomplish many objectives. Engineers may build and repair machine gun nests, repair vehicles, build constructions (command posts, bridges and such), and plant dynamite and landmines. Engineers spawn with four or eight grenades, and are the only class that can carry the grenade launcher. Allied engineers may carry the M1 Garand rifle and Axis engineers the Gewehr 43.

Engineers receive experience points for constructing and destroying objectives. For construction, the exact number usually depends on the fraction of the power bar required to construct the objective: 5 experience points for an objective requiring 50% of the power bar (e.g. MG42 emplacements) and 7.5 experience points for an objective requiring 100% (e.g. Command Post). Engineers receive anything up to 10 experience points for the destruction of an objective with dynamite.

On an unmodified server, all of the points for constructing an objective are received by a single engineer upon completion of the objective, regardless of how many participate in its construction. Some server modifications distribute the points continually during the construction, thus giving a fair share to all participants.

Engineers also receive 3 experience points for killing an enemy player with a rifle grenade, 4 experience points for killing an enemy player with a landmine or dynamite, 4 experience points for defusing an enemy land mine and 6 experience points for defusing enemy dynamite.

* Level 1 - Spawns with four extra grenades and four extra rifle grenades.
* Level 2 - Arms and defuses dynamite and landmines in half the time.
* Level 3 - Power Bar requirements for construction, destruction, arming and defusing reduced by 1/3, requiring 2/3. Dropping a landmine only costs 30% instead of 50% of the Power Bar now.
* Level 4 - Engineer now wears a flak jacket. Flak jacket reduces damage from explosives by 50%.
o In some mods, once Level 4 has been obtained, all classes that the player uses thereafter will have the flak jacket automatically.

Covert Ops (Class Skill - Covert Operations)

Stealth and scouting class. Covert Ops (or simply "coverts") can steal a dead enemy's uniform, toss smoke grenades to hamper visibility with a nearly opaque smoke, and drop a satchel charge (remote-detonated explosive). The Covert Op is the only class that can use scoped weapons and silenced weapons. Any enemies in a covert's line of sight will appear on his teammates' command map. When looking at hidden landmines through binoculars, a covert will see an icon, and after a couple of seconds, the landmine will be visible to all teammates.

Covert Ops have a more powerful stabbing attack than any other class - a stab to the face deals 20-25 damage, while other classes can only hurt the enemy for 10 damage when hitting the front side of the player.

While wearing an enemy uniform, Covert Ops can open enemy teamdoors to allow other teammates to pass through. Enemies who observe a disguised covert op from a distance will see the name of the player whose uniform they stole, while up close no name will display. They can also sometimes be recognized by alert enemies who notice that they are wielding the wrong weapon for their apparent class or do not appear on their command map. The enemy recognition upgrade of a level 4 Field Op will display "DISGUISED ENEMY," and, well, the player whose uniform you stole will see his name on another player, with obvious results. How apparent covert ops are is also dependent on the server. On its standard setting, Covert Ops will automatically lose their uniform if they: 1.) Fire an unsilenced weapon 2.) Man an MG outpost, or a tank MG 3.) Use a standard grenade 4.) If they are SEEN firing ANY weapon

A few servers are far more lenient, up to the point where Covert Ops will permanently remain incognito for the duration of their life.

Finally, disguised Covops can arouse suspicions by, for example, running in the wrong direction or approaching a vital objective. In any case they lose their stolen uniform if they fire any weapon other than the smoke grenade or satchel charge in enemy vision. On servers with friendly fire turned off, some players have made it a habit to shoot fellow teammates to make sure that they aren't Covert Ops in disguise.

Covert Ops receive 3 experience points for a kill using a scoped rifle (these kills only counts towards the player's Covert skill if the shot is fired while the scope is engaged, otherwise it counts towards Light Weapons skill as normal). Covert Ops receive 3 experience points for revealing an enemy land mine to their team, 5 experience points for disguising himself using an enemy uniform, 3 experience points for killing an enemy player with a satchel charge, and 7 experience points for destroying an objective with a satchel charge.
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