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Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
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* Level 1 - Covert gets a bonus magazine for his scoped weapon FG-42, K43, or M1 Garand.
* Level 2 - Power Bar requirements for satchel charges and smoke grenades reduced by 1/3, requiring 2/3. Covert Ops may move closer to enemies without losing their name, and may have different icons on the command map (to reflect the class of the uniform they stole).
* Level 3 - Weapon sway and recoil when zoomed in with a scoped weapon is decreased by 50%. Can stay underwater for a longer time without losing health.
* Level 4 - Instant kill when stabbing an enemy from the back.

Ranking and Advancement

Players start off as a private (Allies) or Schutze (Axis). They can gain rank by leveling up in skills. The rankings are as follows:

* Private First Class/Oberschütze: 1 level advancement in any skill
* Corporal/Gefreiter: 2 levels advancements of the same skill
* Sergeant/Feldwebel: 3 levels advancements of the same skill
* Lieutenant/Leutnant: 4 levels advancements of the same skill (max)
* Captain/Hauptmann: 2 fully developed skills (level 4)
* Major: 3 fully developed skills
* Colonel/Oberst: 4 fully developed skills (requires class change)
* Brigadier General/ Generalmajor: 5 fully developed skills
* Lieutenant General/ Generalleutnant: 6 Fully developed skills
* General: 7 fully developed skills (all classes)

Some servers delete a player's experience at the end of a campaign, some servers save it until he/she disconnects, and some servers keep the player's experience even after a disconnection. Experience save servers are generally considered to be more 'n00bish' and are usually filled with less experienced players. In competitions and on some public servers, rankings are disabled, meaning that exp gives no advantage. The meaning of this is to make games faster; as defenders usually get a lot more exp, they would become stronger during the match, making the end game very difficult for the offensive team.


As is typical in first-person shooters, a player's weapons and equipment in Enemy Territory occupy several inventory 'slots', accessed by default with the number keys. Though these weapons are placed in only 8 different slots, you may have more weapons. This is because more than one weapon can be in one slot. To access the second weapon you must click the slot access key (1-9) twice or more, till the desired weapon is desplayed.

[edit] Slot 1 - Knife

Simple melee weapon. A level 4 Covert Ops can get a one-hit kill if he stabs an enemy in the back, otherwise, the knife does 100HP worth of damage to the back. In many mods the knife does significantly more damage when crouching and stabbing, which substitutes for the lack of headshots for this weapon. Covert Ops deal double damage when using a knife (when not backstabbing). On servers running one of the various mods, the knife can be used as a throwing weapon.

Slot 2 - Sidearm

* Luger P08 - Axis pistol. Eight round magazine.
* Colt M1911A1 - Allied pistol. Eight round magazine.

The Luger and Colt are almost identical except in appearance, sound, and in most servers the Luger tends to have a higher recoil when fired repeatedly. A Covert Ops carries a silenced pistol with detachable sound suppressor, which can be removed, except when he is holding akimbo pistols. All pistols deal about 18 damage per hit, and 50 damage per headshot. Any player with level 4 Light Weapons may carry akimbo pistols (a pistol in each hand simultaneously). A Soldier with level 4 Heavy Weapons may carry a submachine gun (normally slot 3) in this slot. Some mods have poison throw knives. Also, as an fps secret, these pistols may be fired faster than even a machine gun, should you click fast enough, and they are much more effective than machine guns in close range.
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