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Wolfenstein Enemy Territory


Enemy Territory was originally planned to be released as a commercial expansion pack to the popular FPS Return to Castle Wolfenstein. However, due to problems with the single-player aspect, the multiplayer portion was released on May 29, 2003 as a free standalone game. In early 2004 the source code for the game logic (not the game engine) was released to the benefit of its modding community.

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is a multiplayer game, where the players interact with each other over a network in two teams (axis and allies) to defend mission objectives. The game is designed for internet and lan networks. As the game gets older many users report a higher number players exploiting the gaming code to cheat over the internet servers, making internet play difficult for others.

The character classes in Enemy Territory are:

* Soldier (carries heavy weapons)
* Medic (revives incapacitated teammates and heals the injured)
* Field Ops (distributes ammo packs and calls in two types of fire support)
* Engineer (performs construction, repairs, demolition and setting up landmines)
* Covert Ops (responsible for espionage and/or sniping)

There are two sides; Allies and Axis. There are six officially released maps (North Africa Campaign: Goldrush, Oasis, and Battery; Europe Campaign: Railgun, Radar and Fuel Dump), as well as hundreds of custom maps made by the internet community. On each map, the offense needs to complete a certain set of objectives within a limited amount of time. The defense needs to keep the offense from completing objectives until time runs out. Some objectives may be optional, and some objectives can be carried out by either team. These minor objectives assist the team completing them. Depending on Game Mode the action will continue on another map (Campaign Mode) or the same map (Objective Mode, Stopwatch Mode, Last Man Standing).

In all but the LMS mode, dead players respawn all at the same time, every X seconds. In the default maps - assuming that the server settings aren't changing it - Allies spawn every 20 seconds and the Axis every 30 seconds, the only exception being Rail Gun where both have a 20 second spawn. With default settings, you can see the spawntimer in the right side of the screen. Experienced players should watch the timer all the time - dying to a 1 second spawn practically means losing your position (and a life, if the server has the rarely used Limited Lives feature enabled) and reseting your health and ammo, while a 30 second spawn can be deadly if there are only a few players. A good tactic is to find out the spawn time of your enemy, for example looking at the mission timer, and time your attacks so that every dead opponent will have to wait a full time spawn.

In the official six-map campaign (most common on public servers), Allies are offense for all but one map. In Stopwatch Mode (most common for locked or LAN servers) two teams - most common setups: 6vs6 or 3vs3 - will play the same map twice, once in each side and the winner is determined of who have the fastest offence (it can be a tie when both teams defence manage to keep the offence from completing the objectives until time runs out).

Players may earn experience points in several skill categories. All character classes may earn points in Battle Sense and Light Weapons. Class skills are generally restricted to the current class, the exception being Heavy Weapons (the Soldier class skill).

Players have certain abilities based on their character class. The player has a Power Bar that provides 'power' for their special abilities. The power bar regenerates slowly. Players have up to eight weapon slots, depending on character class.

* Slot 1 - knife
* Slot 2 - Sidearm: pistol (Allies - Colt; Axis - Luger, submachine gun for high-level Soldiers or dual-pistols for high-level in Light Weapons)
* Slot 3 - Primary weapon: selection depends on class (see Weapons)
* Slot 4 - hand grenade;
* Slot 5 - Medic - syringe; Field Ops - airstrike beacon; Covert Ops - smoke grenade; Engineer - tool (pliers)
* Slot 6 - Medic - health pack; Field Ops - ammo pack; Covert Ops - satchel charge/detonator; Engineer - dynamite
* Slot 7 - Medic - adrenaline syringe (high-level); Engineer - landmine
* Slot 8 - Field Ops - artillery strike (using binoculars); Covert Ops - landmine detection (using binoculars); binoculars for all other classes at level 1 Battle Sense skill

Skills and classes

Players can gain experience in three skills: Battle Sense, Light Weapons, and a skill determined by their current class. Certain class skill benefits remain with the player even if they change classes. Benefits from general skills are available regardless of class.

Once a player has accrued enough experience points in a particular skill, the skill is automatically advanced to the next level, providing the player with a new ability or advantage. There are four attainable levels in each skill, awarded at 20, 50, 90 and 140 experience points.

General skill - Battle Sense

Battle Sense is gained by time spent in active combat. For each thirty-second period of the game, experience is awarded depending on whether a player dealt damage, dealt and received damage, or killed and received damage.

* Level 1 (20 xp) - You are equipped with a pair of binoculars which can be used to reconnoiter enemy positions. (All Covert Ops are equipped with binoculars and can use them to spot land mines for their team-mates. All Field Ops are equipped with binoculars and can use them to call in artillery. Therefore, level 1 Battle Sense gives no additional benefit to these classes.)
* Level 2 (40 xp) - The powerful aerobic benefits of prolonged combat activity enable your stamina bar to recharge at 160% of the normal rate.
* Level 3 (90 xp) - As a wily battle-hardened veteran, your combat expertise effectively increases your maximum health by 15 points.
* Level 4 (140 xp) - Even if you're not a Covert Ops, you gain the ability to 'see' enemy land mines within a short distance with your bare eyes; however, they will not show up on your teammate's command maps. Any mines within a certain range will appear as translucent outlines in your field of vision. (Under some mods, non-Covert Ops also gain the ability to reveal them on the command map with binoculars, an ability that is otherwise Covert ops-exclusive.)

General skill - Light Weapons

Skill in Light Weapons is gained by killing with light weapons: a submachine gun, rifle (when not using the scope, if one is fitted), pistol, grenade or knife.

The player receives 3 experience points for a kill with a grenade or a bodyshot, and 5 experience points for a kill with a headshot.

* Level 1 - When you respawn, your ammo loadout will include one extra magazine of ammunition.
* Level 2 - Your familiarity with your weapons allows you to reload your weapons 35% faster.
* Level 3 - Your combat experience allows you to handle your weapons with greater ease; SMG spread is reduced by 35% while pistol recoil is halved.
* Level 4 - Your single-handed weapon slot now has the option of dual-wield akimbo pistols.

Soldier (Class Skill - Heavy Weapons)

Heavy combat specialist. The soldier is unique in that his character skill relates only to killing the enemy rather than helping his team directly. Soldiers are the only class that can carry heavy weapons; however, all character classes may earn points in Heavy Weapons while using a constructed MG42 turret or a tank's Browning machinegun. Soldiers spawn with four hand grenades. Soldiers can also wield a submachine gun if they for example run out of Panzerfausts.

Soldiers receive 3 experience points for each kill with a heavy weapon. All players, regardless of class, receive 3 experience points towards their Heavy Weapons skill for a kill with an MG42 turret or tank's Browning machinegun.

* Level 1 - Power Bar requirement for firing a heavy weapon is reduced by 1/3, using 2/3 to fire.
* Level 2 - Overheat rate for the Mobile MG42 is reduced by 50%.
* Level 3 - Walking speed while brandishing heavy weapons is increased.
* Level 4 - Soldier may carry a submachine gun (Thompson or MP40) as a sidearm in place of a pistol.
Soldiers that use the SMGs (Thompson or MP40) as their primary weapon are often deemed 'pointless'. For example, an engineer that uses an SMG can do everything that a soldier with an SMG can, and has the added bonus of being able to fulfil the objectives. In official matches, the Soldier power bar takes 27 seconds to fully reload.

Field Ops (Class Skill - Signals)

Field Ops support teammates with supplies and support fire. They can drop packs containing ammunition. Support fire is signalled by throwing a colored smoke grenade to call in an airstrike - a series of explosions in a short line along the smoke - or targeting a location with binoculars to call in an artillery strike - a series of explosions surrounding the area determined by the Field Op. The airstrike is generally used for immediately clearing out a large area. The artillery strike is used for making one small area very dangerous for a longer period of time. With both, there is a limit on how many strikes the entire team can have in effect at once. Field Ops spawn with one hand grenade.

Field Ops receive 1 experience point for each ammo pack picked up by a fellow team member, 3 experience points for killing an enemy player with an airstrike or an artillery strike, and 7.5 experience points for destroying an objective with either.

* Level 1 - Ammo packs that you drop contain one extra magazine (Mega Ammo Packs); power bar requirement for ammo packs reduced to 15% from 25%. Field Ops may also carry two hand grenades, although they continue to spawn with one.
* Level 2 - Power Bar requirement for airstrikes and artillery strikes is reduced by 30%.
* Level 3 - Airstrikes provide a second series of explosions immediately after the first. Artillery strikes last twice as long.
* Level 4 - The Field Op can recognize disguised enemy Covert Ops. (Turns up as "Disguised Enemy" when cursor is placed over him.)

Medic (Class Skill - First Aid)

The Medic has more health than any other class, and slowly regenerates health. The Medic can heal teammates with health packs and revive them with syringes. In some servers, syringes can also be used to poison enemy players. Since a Medic regenerates health, and usually gains the most experience by staying with a group, it's a good choice for beginners. However, a skilled player can make a medic an extremely deadly individual soldier, this often occurring mini-class is known as a "rambo medic." The greatest disadvantage for medics is their lack of ammunition, they only spawn initially with only one SMG magazine and one grenade.

Medics receive 1 experience point for each health pack picked up by a fellow team member and 4 experience points for reviving a fellow team member.

* Level 1 - The Medic spawns with one extra magazine of ammo and one extra hand grenade.
* Level 2 - The Medic spawns with and may carry two extra syringes. Power bar requirement for dropping health packs is reduced from 25% to 15%.
* Level 3 - Syringes revive a knocked out teammate to full health.
* Level 4 - The Medic may inject himself with adrenaline. When using adrenaline, the Medic runs faster and takes half damage.
His stamina bar is immediately filled and cannot be depleted while the adrenaline is working. The effect lasts for ten seconds.

Adrenaline is a useful and sometimes decisive tactical tool, used to rush into places of critical value for achieving objectives.
o In some mods, once Level 4 has been obtained, all classes that the player uses thereafter can use adrenaline. On a few servers, a Level 4 Medic may also "give" Adrenaline to their teammates (alt fire). This also costs a full power bar.
o In some mods, the Syringe may also be used to poison enemy players. The poisoned player takes continues damage anywhere up to 5 seconds and then dies. Depending on the mod, the poisoned player's screen may either become progressively distorted, or the screen may shake uncontrollably - in either situation, aiming accurately is almost impossible. Most mods allow the poisoned person to return to a normal state if they pick up a Medic's health pack.
Engineer (Class Skill - Engineering)

Engineers are the only class that can accomplish many objectives. Engineers may build and repair machine gun nests, repair vehicles, build constructions (command posts, bridges and such), and plant dynamite and landmines. Engineers spawn with four or eight grenades, and are the only class that can carry the grenade launcher. Allied engineers may carry the M1 Garand rifle and Axis engineers the Gewehr 43.

Engineers receive experience points for constructing and destroying objectives. For construction, the exact number usually depends on the fraction of the power bar required to construct the objective: 5 experience points for an objective requiring 50% of the power bar (e.g. MG42 emplacements) and 7.5 experience points for an objective requiring 100% (e.g. Command Post). Engineers receive anything up to 10 experience points for the destruction of an objective with dynamite.

On an unmodified server, all of the points for constructing an objective are received by a single engineer upon completion of the objective, regardless of how many participate in its construction. Some server modifications distribute the points continually during the construction, thus giving a fair share to all participants.

Engineers also receive 3 experience points for killing an enemy player with a rifle grenade, 4 experience points for killing an enemy player with a landmine or dynamite, 4 experience points for defusing an enemy land mine and 6 experience points for defusing enemy dynamite.

* Level 1 - Spawns with four extra grenades and four extra rifle grenades.
* Level 2 - Arms and defuses dynamite and landmines in half the time.
* Level 3 - Power Bar requirements for construction, destruction, arming and defusing reduced by 1/3, requiring 2/3. Dropping a landmine only costs 30% instead of 50% of the Power Bar now.
* Level 4 - Engineer now wears a flak jacket. Flak jacket reduces damage from explosives by 50%.
o In some mods, once Level 4 has been obtained, all classes that the player uses thereafter will have the flak jacket automatically.

Covert Ops (Class Skill - Covert Operations)

Stealth and scouting class. Covert Ops (or simply "coverts") can steal a dead enemy's uniform, toss smoke grenades to hamper visibility with a nearly opaque smoke, and drop a satchel charge (remote-detonated explosive). The Covert Op is the only class that can use scoped weapons and silenced weapons. Any enemies in a covert's line of sight will appear on his teammates' command map. When looking at hidden landmines through binoculars, a covert will see an icon, and after a couple of seconds, the landmine will be visible to all teammates.

Covert Ops have a more powerful stabbing attack than any other class - a stab to the face deals 20-25 damage, while other classes can only hurt the enemy for 10 damage when hitting the front side of the player.

While wearing an enemy uniform, Covert Ops can open enemy teamdoors to allow other teammates to pass through. Enemies who observe a disguised covert op from a distance will see the name of the player whose uniform they stole, while up close no name will display. They can also sometimes be recognized by alert enemies who notice that they are wielding the wrong weapon for their apparent class or do not appear on their command map. The enemy recognition upgrade of a level 4 Field Op will display "DISGUISED ENEMY," and, well, the player whose uniform you stole will see his name on another player, with obvious results. How apparent covert ops are is also dependent on the server. On its standard setting, Covert Ops will automatically lose their uniform if they: 1.) Fire an unsilenced weapon 2.) Man an MG outpost, or a tank MG 3.) Use a standard grenade 4.) If they are SEEN firing ANY weapon

A few servers are far more lenient, up to the point where Covert Ops will permanently remain incognito for the duration of their life.

Finally, disguised Covops can arouse suspicions by, for example, running in the wrong direction or approaching a vital objective. In any case they lose their stolen uniform if they fire any weapon other than the smoke grenade or satchel charge in enemy vision. On servers with friendly fire turned off, some players have made it a habit to shoot fellow teammates to make sure that they aren't Covert Ops in disguise.

Covert Ops receive 3 experience points for a kill using a scoped rifle (these kills only counts towards the player's Covert skill if the shot is fired while the scope is engaged, otherwise it counts towards Light Weapons skill as normal). Covert Ops receive 3 experience points for revealing an enemy land mine to their team, 5 experience points for disguising himself using an enemy uniform, 3 experience points for killing an enemy player with a satchel charge, and 7 experience points for destroying an objective with a satchel charge.
* Level 1 - Covert gets a bonus magazine for his scoped weapon FG-42, K43, or M1 Garand.
* Level 2 - Power Bar requirements for satchel charges and smoke grenades reduced by 1/3, requiring 2/3. Covert Ops may move closer to enemies without losing their name, and may have different icons on the command map (to reflect the class of the uniform they stole).
* Level 3 - Weapon sway and recoil when zoomed in with a scoped weapon is decreased by 50%. Can stay underwater for a longer time without losing health.
* Level 4 - Instant kill when stabbing an enemy from the back.

Ranking and Advancement

Players start off as a private (Allies) or Schutze (Axis). They can gain rank by leveling up in skills. The rankings are as follows:

* Private First Class/Oberschütze: 1 level advancement in any skill
* Corporal/Gefreiter: 2 levels advancements of the same skill
* Sergeant/Feldwebel: 3 levels advancements of the same skill
* Lieutenant/Leutnant: 4 levels advancements of the same skill (max)
* Captain/Hauptmann: 2 fully developed skills (level 4)
* Major: 3 fully developed skills
* Colonel/Oberst: 4 fully developed skills (requires class change)
* Brigadier General/ Generalmajor: 5 fully developed skills
* Lieutenant General/ Generalleutnant: 6 Fully developed skills
* General: 7 fully developed skills (all classes)

Some servers delete a player's experience at the end of a campaign, some servers save it until he/she disconnects, and some servers keep the player's experience even after a disconnection. Experience save servers are generally considered to be more 'n00bish' and are usually filled with less experienced players. In competitions and on some public servers, rankings are disabled, meaning that exp gives no advantage. The meaning of this is to make games faster; as defenders usually get a lot more exp, they would become stronger during the match, making the end game very difficult for the offensive team.


As is typical in first-person shooters, a player's weapons and equipment in Enemy Territory occupy several inventory 'slots', accessed by default with the number keys. Though these weapons are placed in only 8 different slots, you may have more weapons. This is because more than one weapon can be in one slot. To access the second weapon you must click the slot access key (1-9) twice or more, till the desired weapon is desplayed.

[edit] Slot 1 - Knife

Simple melee weapon. A level 4 Covert Ops can get a one-hit kill if he stabs an enemy in the back, otherwise, the knife does 100HP worth of damage to the back. In many mods the knife does significantly more damage when crouching and stabbing, which substitutes for the lack of headshots for this weapon. Covert Ops deal double damage when using a knife (when not backstabbing). On servers running one of the various mods, the knife can be used as a throwing weapon.

Slot 2 - Sidearm

* Luger P08 - Axis pistol. Eight round magazine.
* Colt M1911A1 - Allied pistol. Eight round magazine.

The Luger and Colt are almost identical except in appearance, sound, and in most servers the Luger tends to have a higher recoil when fired repeatedly. A Covert Ops carries a silenced pistol with detachable sound suppressor, which can be removed, except when he is holding akimbo pistols. All pistols deal about 18 damage per hit, and 50 damage per headshot. Any player with level 4 Light Weapons may carry akimbo pistols (a pistol in each hand simultaneously). A Soldier with level 4 Heavy Weapons may carry a submachine gun (normally slot 3) in this slot. Some mods have poison throw knives. Also, as an fps secret, these pistols may be fired faster than even a machine gun, should you click fast enough, and they are much more effective than machine guns in close range.
Slot 3 - Primary Weapon

Available weapons vary by class. The weapon is dropped when the player dies, and it can be collected by any player able to use it (even if it is not otherwise available to their side).

Submachine guns

The MP40 and Thompson are available for all classes but Covert Ops, while the Sten is exclusively a Covert Op weapon.

* MP40 - Standard Axis automatic weapon. Thirty round magazine.
* M1A1 Thompson - Standard Allied automatic weapon. Thirty round magazine.
* Sten Mk.IIS - Standard Covert Ops automatic weapon. Thirty-two round magazine.
* Winchester M97 (Jaymod only) - 6 round pump shotgun usable by all classes except covert ops.

The MP40 and Thompson are identical except in appearance and sound. The two were different in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. They both do 18 damage from close range. The Sten is a suppressed submachine gun with a fast rate of fire that overheats after 16 bullets are fired non-stop (It does 14 damage per hit from close range). It's the most accurate of all automatic weapons in the game. All submachine guns deal 50 damage per headshot. The helmet absorbs 10 damage when getting hit to the head.

Heavy weapons

These weapons are only available to Soldiers, and many servers have restrictions which limit the total number of each that can be used on a team. All heavy weapons decrease walking speed when held, though speed returns to normal if you switch to the pistol, the knife or some other weapon. The Heavy Weapon skill at level 3 lowers the speed penalty when holding heavy weapons, and the flamethrower becomes as light to carry as any light weapon.

The Panzerfaust is sufficiently powerful that a direct hit guarantees death of the target, regardless of health in nearly all cases. However a sufficiently skilled and lucky player may survive if they have an engineer's flak jacket or a medic's adrenaline.

Panzerfaust - Rocket launcher. Long reload time, high damage, and a wide blast radius. Single-shot, but soldiers who select it spawn with four of them, and firing one costs a full power bar. When fired, the panzerfaust will make a distinctive 'whine' for a short time as it charges up, then launch its projectile in a straight line towards the target. It cannot be fired when prone, and if the bearer leans while preparing to fire, the shot will be canceled. Some players see this weapon as 'n00bish', while others see it as like any of the other heavy weapons. The Panzerfaust is extremely powerful, but with specific weaknesses that skilled players can use against the wielder, such as (in the Panzerfaust's case) the extremely long recharge time between shots and the second-long warning noise before the weapon fires. Despite the fact the Panzerfaust was an anti-tank weapon in the second World War, it's rather uneffective against vehicles in Enemy Territory. While tanks and trucks have 1200 "health", the Panzerfaust only deals 300-500 damage to them depending on where it hits. While most people tend to use this weapon in short range ( which are considered 'n00bish' as they usually inflict damage on their teammates as well as enemies ), some experienced players would use panzerfaust as a 'sniper rocket'. Unlike other FPS games such as Battlefield 1942, in which panzerfausts (or rocket launchers) are affected by gravity, in Wolfenstein ET the shot travels in a perfect straight line when fired. This allows a 'strategic shot' to be executed. For example in campaign Würzburg Radar, a defending heavy soldier could stay at the observation hut on top of the final spawn-point, and fire his shot whenever an Allies solider grabs a radar part (the big ! icon on top of that soldier makes this decisive shot a lot easier). Also in the campaign Fuel Dump, Allies soldiers can fire long range panzerfaust into the Axis depot, although this can be considered spawn-killing.

* Flamethrower - Short-range weapon, particularly dangerous indoors as it can deal large amounts of damage over a wide area. Fire damage continues to be dealt after the initial burn, even if the Soldier is killed. Very good for attracting enemy fire. There are 200 units of fuel, with no reload necessary. The weapon is best used behind corners or to close off narrow passageways, since it is otherwise easy to dodge, and the fire rebounds off walls. If used carelessly, it can easily ignite the bearer or their teammates - however with skill it can wreak havoc.
* Mortar - The Soldier must deploy the mortar (alternate fire) before it can be fired. Launches an explosive projectile in an arc, and costs half a power bar. When aimed properly, can hit almost anywhere from far away. Single shot before reload; Soldiers spawn with 12 shells. Mortar can deal the same maximum damage as the Panzerfaust, but has approximately twice the area of effect. Impact point is shown on Command Map. The weapon can be easier to use if a Field Ops class has placed a marker with his binoculars, or there is a Covert Ops spotting enemies.

When shooting from flat ground, the Mortar can be fired from 40 to 90 degrees. However, deploying the mortar in downhill enables the Soldier to fire the arc lower, even below 0 degrees. Deploying the weapon in uphill enables the player to fire the shell at an angle higher than 90 degrees, causing the arc to land behind the Soldier. In ET Pro 3.1.15 patch and newer, used in official wars and in the majority of other clan matches, the lowest possible angle is 20 degrees, improving realism

* MG42 - Bipod-mounted machinegun, intended to be deployed in a fixed position by going prone and selecting its alternate fire. It can be fired without first being deployed, but it has extremely poor accuracy under such conditions. When deployed, targeting is limited to a small area; it is possible to crawl, but only very slowly, and you cannot fire while doing so. The firing radius is only around 60 degrees when deployed, which makes the machine gunner very vulnerable to flanking attacks. The Mobile MG42 user should always choose a place where he is well covered, or at least his teammates should protect his back and sides. Slightly more accurate than the constructable MG42. The weapon overheats easily (like its stationary counterparts) and can only be reloaded once its 150-round ammunition belt has been used up. The MG42 fires 18 rounds per second with each shot doing 18 damage. It is impossible to get headshots with any MGs — a shot which hits a player's head is counted by the game engine as a body shot, and thus won't even cause a player to lose his or her helmet.

Scoped or silenced weapons

These are available only to Covert Ops.

* Silenced K43 rifle with scope - Axis only. Sniper rifle with scope attachment. High damage, ten round magazine. The sniper must stand or lie down still for the weapon to stop shaking. Time required decrease at Covert Operations level 3.

* Silenced M1 Garand rifle with scope - Allies only. Can only be reloaded after the magazine is completely empty (this is historically inaccurate) and has a smaller magazine (eight vs. the K43's ten). In the ET Pro mod, which is used in competitions and most public servers, the Garand is made identical to the K43, the only difference being the sound and appearance. Must be still for a long time to minimize sway. Time required decreases at Covert Operations level 3. Both silenced rifles deal 50 damage to the body and 100 damage to the head when using the scope. Without the scope they deal 34 damage to the body and 68 damage to the head. Helmets do not absorb damage from scoped shots.

* Sten Mk.IIS - Silenced automatic weapon. Accurate even at long range. Same fire rate as MP40 and Thompson but it has to be fired in bursts since it overheats after a continuous 16 shots of fire. Thirty-two round magazine. 14 damage to the torso, 50 to the head. 6 rounds per second.

* FG42 - Automatic weapon with scope, scope has only one level of zoom. Higher rate and damage compared to other automatics, twenty round magazine size, lower accuracy unless zoomed in. It is a very effective weapon in close-quarters combat. Recoil of the FG-42 (both in and out of scope) is greatly reduced when level 3 covert op is achieved. 15 damage to the torso, 50 to the head. 9 rounds per second when shooting automatic fire.

Note that if silenced weapon is fired out of the enemies' sight, covert ops do not lose their disguise.

Rifles with grenade launcher

These are available to Engineers only.

* K43 rifle with grenade launcher - Axis only.
* M1 Garand rifle with grenade launcher - Allies only. Can only be reloaded after the magazine is completely empty (this is a historical inaccuracy) and has a smaller magazine (eight vs. the K43's ten). In the ET Pro mod, which is used in competitions and most public servers, the Garand is made identical to the K43, the only difference being the sound and appearance.
Each rifle hit does more damage than the SMGs, but it fires about 1/2 as fast. The rifles are considered to be 'worse' than SMGs in most situations, because their huge recoil when fired rapidly renders them very ineffective over larger distances, and requires very precise aiming. Some players however, prefer the rifles' power over accuracy in close distance battles, and resort to rifle grenades at longer ranges.

Both rifles are equipped with grenade launchers, which are fired using alternative fire (usually right click). The grenade launcher allows you to propel a rifle grenade (a separate supply from your hand grenades) at a remarkable long arc distance. Rifle grenades can also be bounced off objects to hit enemies behind corners. Reflected rifle grenades have a high degree of agility and control over their targeting and are sometimes referred to as strategic “environmental” weapons. Since the damage that is inflicted is largely redirected from environmental structures, such as walls, floors, corridors, vehicles, and other map elements, the results can be highly creative and strategic, often in ways that other weapons cannot. Engineer rifles do the same damage as covert op rifles but without the scope. Rifle grenades deal 250 damage and take half of the engineer power bar to fire, although the power cost is reduced if the player has achieved level 3 in Engineering skill.

Slot 4 - Hand grenade

* 'Mark II' grenade - Allies.
* 'Stielhandgranate' grenade - Axis.

The grenades are functionally identical - pressing the fire button arms the grenade, and releasing throws it. The grenade detonates five seconds after arming, so players commonly 'cook off' the grenade for several seconds before throwing, to give the enemy less time to dodge the explosion. The hand grenade deals a maximum of 250 damage, and as all weapons with splash damage, can be used to destroy vehicles.

Slot 5 – Special Ability

* Airstrike grenade – Field Ops class only. Releases a cloud of colored smoke (allies=blue, axis=red); after 6 seconds, a bomber creates a series of explosions in a line across the signal smoke, perpendicular to the Field op who has thrown it. Note: this bombing does not occur if the airstrike grenade is thrown into indoor environment. However if anyone stands exactly on top of it, the grenade's own explosion can kill. Standing on one can deny the airstrike, although sometimes at the expense of damaging the one who stood on it, as the grenade can still go off. In certain maps, when friendly fire is turned off, a player being hit by a friendly airstrike may fly into the air, and fall back down usually causing the player to die.

* Syringe - Medic class only. Revives a mortally wounded teammate and restores part of their health. At level 3 in First Aid, this rises to full health, and the syringe colour changes from yellow to green. If playing on an unpatched server, the adrenaline injection received at level 4 First Aid is available as a second (red) syringe in this slot. On some custom mod servers, stabbing an enemy with a needle poisons them, taking away their HP second by second, usually takes about 5 seconds to kill. You can stop the poison by getting a medical pack, and if the enemy medic is killed, some players with high hp can survive. However, getting a perfect needle shot is very difficult, seeing as it takes about 1 second to stab.

* Pliers - Engineer class only. Used to arm or disarm dynamite and landmines, repair vehicles, and construct objectives. The pliers can actually be used for killing enemies (as well as teammates). When finishing the construction of an objective, for example a Tank Barrier, the whole construction instantly appears after the building process is done. If the objective is built on a player, which can also be the engineer himself, it deals 10000 damage, killing and gibbing any player instantly. If the player standing in the construction area has the temporary immortality shield above his head, for example after being revived by a medic, he will fly to the air at enormous speed and most likely fall to his death.

* Smoke Grenade - Covert Ops class only. Releases a cloud of opaque gray smoke as a form of cover. Lasts for several seconds. The smoke grenade can be "cooked" just like a regular grenade, though dying while cooking one off will not drop it.

* Poison Smoke Grenade - Covert Ops, and Soldiers only. Available only on recent version of Jaymod. Like a smoke grenade although anyone caught in it's green smoke takes an average of 10 points of damage a second.
Slot 6 - Special Ability

* Health Pack - Medic class only. Restores 20 points of health. Some servers do not allow medics to pick up their own health packs.
* Ammo Pack - Field Ops class only. Provides one magazine, one hand grenade, and one syringe (for medics only).
* Dynamite - Engineer class only. Must be armed with Engineer's tool. After arming, explodes after thirty seconds. Dynamite is the only thing that can destroy certain objectives.
* Satchel Charge - Covert Ops class only. Drops a bomb that can be detonated whenever the Covert Op chooses, but the Covert Op must be within range. Satchel charges can be defused by Engineers. Some objectives can be destroyed by satchel charges.

Slot 7 - Special Ability

* Adrenaline syringe - Obtainable by level 4 first aid.(medic) Can still be used if player switches classes, on certain modified servers.

* Landmine - Engineers are capable of dropping landmines and arming it with their pliers, so long as the maximum number of landmines available to the team has not been reached. They are activated by any player (or vehicle) moving over or near them, releasing a hissing sound and coloured smoke depending on the team (either blue or red). The actual landmine is detonated when the player steps off the mine: when on the mine, engineers can disable the mine with the pliers. If you are not an engineer, certain other things can be done: for example calling for a medic, and then letting him revive you. You can also just wait for enemy players, and fight them while staying in the same position. If you are knocked out, do not tap out until an enemy walks over (or near) your body. The mine will explode, and, hopefully, also kill the enemy. Of course, if the enemy sees the coloured smoke coming off your feet, he will most likely sprint away from you and shoot you, so that your body is moved (due to the momentum of bullets), and before your health reaches zero from the injury, the landmine usually explodes as you are no longer standing on it. Jumping off landmines (using your sprint bar for this is highly recommended) can also be done, although you will still take damage (and die if you are low on health). On version of Jaymod servers engineers can use either Normal, Bouncing (aka Bouncing Betties), or Poison landmines as well.

Slot 8 - Binoculars

* Field Ops start with these and can use them to call in artillery strikes. Counting from the exact moment the field op calls in the artillery strike, it takes 11 seconds for it to explode. The warning flare of the artillery strike comes 6 seconds after firing and deals only 20 damage to a player who's standing exactly at the point where it explodes. One team may simultaneously have only three artillery bombings on the map. As support fires, artillery may only be called to areas that can be seen from the above - not inside buildings, for example.

In unpatched version, field ops can also spot landmines (and XP goes to field op XP instead)

* Covert Ops start with these and can use them to spot landmines (ver 2.6).
* Other classes are rewarded with binoculars when they achieve Battle Sense level 1.


Enemy Territory comes with six official maps. On all except Rail Gun, the Allied team are attacking and the Axis team must defend.

There is also a large number of third party maps available, several of them being conversions of RTCW maps.

Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis is a map that in most cases will be finished in two stages. First, the Allies need to blow up the Old City wall. This is easier if the Allies capture the Old City spawn point. Destroying the old city wall makes the Old City spawn point permanently Allied. With the Wall destroyed, the Allies have access to the area where the anti-tank guns are. Destroying both anti-tank guns will win the map for the Allies. The Axis win if at least one anti-tank gun is still intact when the map-timer runs out.
It is possible for the Allies to win the map without blowing up the Old City Wall. Next to the Wall, there is a door that an Allied Covert Ops can open for an Engineer. Another method involves a lone Engineer jumping over the Wall. A third method is to repair the Old City Water Pump and use the underground tunnels. All these methods allow the Allied Engineer to blow up the anti-tank guns without the Axis noticing, although the third is much harder to pull off, since Axis is generally aware of this, and can easily cover it.

To make it more difficult, Axis players tends to use airstrikes and artillery around the city spawn point, as it is easy for them to hide from the 2nd level near the spawn point. On servers that forbid spawnkilling/spawncamping, they will instead do it near the "pool", which basically have the same effect.

One point worth taking note of is that, if an Allies engineer with high experience point manages to sneak into an anti-tank gun, the usual tactic would be to jump on top of the gun (this requires certain skill) and leave (very likely more than one) dynamites in an awkward position. If (which usually happens) he fails to guard this place from Axis players for 30 seconds and dies, there is a great chance the Axis engineers simply do not have time to reach and defuse all those dynamites.

* Allied Primary Objective - destroy the two anti-tank guns.
o Allied Secondary Objectives - repair the water pumps, and destroy the old city wall.
o Allied Tertiary Objectives - construct a command post, build the allied machine gun nest, destroy the axis machinegun nest, destroy the axis command post.
* Axis Primary Objective - defend the anti-tank guns.
o Axis Secondary Objectives - keep the water pumps disabled, defend the old city wall, and defend the old city spawn point.
o Axis Tertiary Objectives - build a command post, build the machine gun nest, destroy the allied machine gun nest, destroy the allied command post.

Seawall Battery

Seawall Battery has two radically different types of gameplay, depending on whether or not ET Pro has been installed on the server. On normal servers, the big obstacle for the Allies is building an assault ramp, while being under heavy fire from airstrikes, panzerfausts, and other weapons. Once the assault ramp is constructed, the Allied team might choose to capture the Forward Bunker spawn, but in many cases there actually is a bigger chance of winning if a lone Engineer hastes into the Axis Compound to blow up the Gun Controls. An Engineer can also be given access to the Gun Controls by a Covert Ops opening a backdoor once he has acquired a uniform from the enemy team, but if the Axis team has experienced players, the Covert Ops will generally not be able to acquire that uniform required to open the door. As a common problem with this map, noobs (or new players) playing Battery who are unfamiliar with the map, will unintentionally jump off the beach or exit out of the back door, leaving their dead bodies on the beach for the Allied Covert Ops to gain easy access to their uniforms, and ultimately the Gun Controls once the building has been infiltrated. This forces some defending Axis members to guard the back door area with the mounted MG-42 machine gun, or other defense tactics. Often, distractions at the back door area can lead the defending Axis players rushing inside the bunker to defend the interiors of the map, which give the Allies a better chance to make their way up the beach, and into the bunker.

In many ET Pro servers the aforementioned backdoor can be destroyed by dynamite. This forces the Axis to split their defenders between two fronts, and the end result is that the ET pro version of the map is a lot more balanced. In the very latest official configuration pack, the use of mortar and landmines is forbidden. The purpose of this is to make the map easier for the allied team.

On the map battery, the Allied team initially spawn on a beach. It's necessary to find a way off the beach and into the gun control building to destroy the controls.

Objectives for the normal servers:

* Allied Primary Objectives - destroy the "Siegfried" gun controls.
o Allied Secondary Objectives - build an assault ramp from the landing beach and capture the forward bunker; destroy the generator within the axis compound.
o Allied Tertiary Objectives - construct a command post; build the machine gun nests; destroy the axis machine gun mounts.
* Axis Primary Objective - defend the gun controls.
o Axis Secondary Objectives - destroy the ramp; defend the forward bunker; construct and defend the generator.
o Axis Tertiary Objectives - construct a command post; build the machine gun mounts; destroy the allied machine gun nests.
Gold Rush

An Axis engineer plants dynamite next to an Allied command post on the map goldrush.

What sets this mission apart is the fact that instead of having to destroy an objective, the objective must be stolen. First, the Allies must repair and steal a tank from the courtyard and escort it to the bank. The Axis team can slow the tank by destroying it or constructing tank barriers along the road. If the tank manages to reach the bank, it automatically destroys the bank doors. This often leads to a mad dash by the Axis to defend the gold and the Allies to steal it. The Allies must then load the gold onto a truck and escort it out of the Axis base. Like the tank, the truck can be slowed by destroying it or building special barriers.

This map can be considered difficult if the Allies are not coordinated well: Due to an exploit in coding, field ops can place airstrike marker underneath the bridge and it will still be active; the first tank barrier can be covered easily, as does the second barrier. Lastly, the bank entrance is basically a bottle neck, where numerous Axis can await inside the bank at a considerable distance from the sole door, especially machine gunners.

For the spawn-killing Allies engineers, landmines are usually placed just outside the future Axis spawn point before the stairs.

* Allied Primary Objectives - steal a tank and use it to blow up the bank doors. Steal the gold crates and escape with the truck. Stealing the tank makes the courtyard spawn point permanently Allied.
o Allied Secondary Objectives - destroy the tank barriers, destroy the truck barriers.
o Allied Tertiary Objectives - construct a command post.
* Axis Primary Objectives - defend the tank; stop it from reaching the bank; defend the gold in the bank; and keep the truck from escaping.
o Axis Secondary Objectives - construct and defend the tank barriers; construct and defend the truck barriers.
o Axis Tertiary Objectives - construct a command post.

Würzburg Radar

The Radar level is a simple smash and grab mission. First, the Allies must take the forward bunker from the Axis. This can be done in two ways. The Allies can either storm the forward bunker and take the bunker by force, or flank the bunker and take it by destroying the gate to the main entrance. Often, the Allies opt to take the first strategy to improve their chances of successfully destroying the front doors. Finally, the Allies must steal the radar components. They can either storm the front gate and brave massed fire from the Axis defenders, or sneak in through a rear pathway, though this requires an engineer to destroy a bunker door. Taking the back path also provides the Allies with a command post and an extra spawn point, greatly improving their chances to complete the mission.

Alternatively, with good teamplay, a covert ops in uniform can let teammates into the second stage and complete the objectives without taking either bases.

* Allied Primary Objective - steal the two radar components of a Würzburg radar.
o Allied Secondary Objectives - capture the forward bunker; destroy the main entrance and the side entrance. Destroying the main door makes the forward bunker spawn point permanently Allied.
o Allied Tertiary Objectives - construct a command post, build the machine gun nest, destroy the axis machine gun tower.
* Axis Primary Objective - defend the radar parts.
o Axis Secondary Objectives - defend the forward bunker, main entrance and the side entrance.
o Axis Tertiary Objectives - construct a command post; build the machine gun tower; destroy the allied machine gun nest.

Rail Gun

Possibly the most unique of the original maps, Rail Gun involves brutal tug of war style play using a small rail tug to complete objectives. By jumping into the tug, Axis players can drive the tug all the way to the depot and load it with ammunition. Likewise, Allied players can also jump on the tug and drive it back to the Axis spawn point. Possession of the depot is also contested, since it acts as a secondary spawn point. The Axis can use it to secure passage for their tug, and the Allies can use it to put pressure on the Axis base—a common tactic is for field ops to call airstrikes or artillery around the Axis spawn.

However, most of the action is focused around the track switch. Players of public servers should be aware that the track switch area is VERY LIKELY to have landmines from Allies engineers because of the importance of the strategic position. When lowered, the tug cannot proceed any further, and requires an Axis player to leave the tug and raise the switch, often under heavy Allied fire. The tug must pass through the switch to both reach the depot and return to the Axis base. As the Axis rail gun is situated very close to Allies spawn point, Allies snipers/soldiers sometimes hide on top of it and ambush Axis engineers who try to repair the gun switch or to place landmines. Likewise, it is common for Axis snipers to hide within the tower (cover by thick fog) and ambush Allies engineers that attempt to damage the controls or stay in between the open area and wait as a soldier with an MG42.
* Allied Primary Objective - prevent the Axis from firing the rail gun.
o Allied Secondary Objectives - capture the depot yard, keep the track switch down, destroy the rail gun firing controls.
o Allied Tertiary Objectives - construct a command post, construct the machine gun nest.
* Axis Primary Objectives - use the rail tugs to load ammunition onto the massive rail gun and fire it.
o Axis Secondary Objectives - capture the depot yard, raise the track switch, construct and defend the rail gun firing controls.
o Axis Tertiary Objectives - construct a command post, destroy the allied machine gun nest.

Fuel Dump

In this mission, the Allied team must escort a tank to the tunnel gate. This is often the most difficult part of the mission for the Allies, because the Axis has the advantage of the high ground—they can easily cover with artillery, airstrikes, snipers, machine gunners, and panzers. In order to keep the tank moving, the Allies must successfully build and protect a bridge that would allow the tank to cross a river. The Allies can also build a footbridge to flank the Axis positions on the high ground. Once the tank destroys the tunnel entrance, the Axis are forced to spawn back at the fuel depot. The Allies must continue to protect the tank until it can destroy the depot entrance and side wall, providing two points of entry. Finally, the Allies must storm the base and pass the barriers protecting the fuel depot, usually by destroying them or bypassing them by reaching the roof of an adjoining building, though this requires a disguised Covert Ops to open a door. However, this is usually difficult to achieve, as Axis will eventually cover the base only; the two entrances are easily defended, especially the "gap" entrance, whose small size is hindered even more by the frequent presence of mines.

A second tactic for the Allies requires a lone Engineer and a disguised Covert Ops (and often an extra team member for support, such as a Medic to help keep the squad alive) (On servers with Double Jump, a lone Engineer can jump his way to fuel dump over wall) They can sneak into the tunnels using a back entrance and reach the fuel depot. The Covert Ops must then open the front door to the base, so the Engineer can enter the base. Once inside, the Engineer then has easy access to the fuel depot and can destroy it before the Axis team has a chance to react. If the defenses have been built around the Fuel Dump by the defending Axis Engineers, the Covert Op is further needed to help sneak through the building to escape through the roof and finally destroy the Fuel Dump. The roof can also be mounted by a single player, but it requires a rather difficult trickjump over the bunker. If no-one is able to land the trickjump alone, he can be assisted by another player who stands still and let's the engineer jump over his head. In official matches, "towers" of two players are allowed but towers of three players will result as a forfeit loss.

An additional tactic that is often used, since the Axis team starts with a bit of an advantage over the Allies, is to cause a distraction by the Fuel Dump area, since it is usually left unattended with the defense focused on the beginning half of the map. If the Allied team is having trouble getting the tank over the bridge, a lone Covert Op that sneaks through the tunnel area and acquires an Axis uniform can make his way through to the Fuel Dump area without being noticed. This Covert Op then makes his way up to the roof area surrounding the Fuel Dump, and can use his Satchel Charge to blow the defense gates around the Fuel Dump. In most cases, this immediately causes the majority of the Axis team to rush to the Fuel Dump to check on the objective. This leaves the Allies the chance to make their way through the beginning half of the map, and escort the tank over the bridge, and through the tunnel to the second half of the map.

* Allied Primary Objective - destroy the fuel dump.
o Allied Secondary Objectives - escort and repair the tank, destroy the tunnel grate, build and reinforce the bridge, build the footbridge, destroy the doors, destroy the main entrance, destroy the side wall, destroy the east and west depot defenses. Destroying the doors makes the bunker spawn permanently Allied.
o Allied Tertiary Objectives - construct a command post, construct the machine gun nest, destroy the axis machine gun towers, destroy the axis command post.
* Axis Primary Objective - defend the fuel dump.
o Axis Secondary Objectives - disable the tank, defend the tunnel grate, destroy the bridge, destroy the footbridge, defend the tunnel doors, defend the main entrance, defend the side wall, construct and defend the depot defenses.
o Axis Tertiary Objectives - construct a command post, construct the machine gun towers, destroy the allied machine gun nest, destroy the allied command post.


In early 2004 the source code for the game logic was released in an SDK, enabling a number of mods to be created. Previous modifications, such as the popular ET Pro competition mod, couldn't change much. The source code allows more flexibility for mod makers. The game engine remains closed source, but could be released in the near future, considering the source code to Quake III Arena was released in August 2005.
The Quake 3 total conversion mods Enemy Territory Fortress (ETF for short, formerly Q3F) and TrueCombat (known as TrueCombat: Elite in its ET incarnation) have been ported to Enemy Territory. Other mods, which consist of little additions and fixes to the game mechanics rather than a total conversion, include ET Pro (used in competitions but also popular in public play), ETPub, Jaymod, No Quarter, and Wolfenstein: The Frontline (although the current release still has the original name of FalckonET).


Like many other multiplayer online games, Enemy Territory has cheats available on the Internet. The most common cheats are aimbots and wallhacks. Both of these cheats dramatically improve a player's performance, thus potentially giving a competitive advantage over other online players. However, players using these cheats can be difficult to distinguish from very skilled players. The easiest way to see if someone is cheating is to become a spectator, which allows you to look through a player's eyes while they are playing. The 'inhuman behavior' associated with inexperienced or blatant wallhackers and aimbotters can then be observed, and appropriate counter-measures taken. However skilled cheaters, using private or personally coded "hacks", proper settings and an elevated skill level can and do routinely cheat on ET.

Enemy Territory uses a program called PunkBuster to reduce cheating. The PunkBuster client can be updated within hours of an exploit or cheat being discovered, and thus forces cheaters to periodically update their cheats. ET Pro also includes an additional anti-cheat system, that is meant to be used in combination with PunkBuster. Both anti-cheats can be bypassed however.

Problems with PunkBuster can often be solved with help of the PBSetup utility.


In the game, the Allied troops operate under the American flag, with American-style uniforms and ranks (regardless of whether, historically, the campaign alluded to was fought by British or other troops, as in North Africa). The only exception to this is Covert Ops, who wear contemporary British 'Commando' style uniforms. Axis troops use German-style uniforms and ranks and sound effects describing their actions are rendered in English with exaggerated German accents, however, some of the basic radio messages are in German. Still, they do not use the Swastika, but a special Wolfenstein flag, possibly because id Software has had games prohibited before in Germany because of the use of Nazi symbols (see Wolfenstein 3D).

The maps are either based upon real projects (Railgun -based upon the Schwerer Gustav-, Seawall Battery, Würzburg Radar) or films (Goldrush). Fueldump is a modified version of the RtCW single-player level 'forest'.

Sealab 2021, an animated television series shown on Cartoon Network's late night Adult Swim block, made reference to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory in the episode "Hail Squishface" (Broadcast November 10, 2002). One of the characters, Debbie, requests ammunition for her firearm in the same fashion as a Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory player. She announces "I need ammo" as a bullet icon hovers above her head.


The following terms are common gaming slang, to include Enemy Territory-specific phrases.

* Arty Spamming, When a player continually applies artillery support onto an area, usually at spawn points.
* Backrage or Backrape, Being killed by someone behind you. This then developed into the derivatives 'siderage' (killed from the side) and 'facerage'. The original derivation of rage is used interchangeably with 'owned' or 'raped' (for example, "If you're getting backraped, go prone!")
* Beta Trash, A term used by North American players to describe weak players. The term comes from Team Warfare League.
* Corner Camper, A player who leans around corners waiting from other players to approach. They remain invisible to their intended victim.
* CP, Command Post.
* Gib, To severely destroy the opponent's body parts or fully kill them so they have no chance of being revived by a medic. It requires as much damage as the killing itself - typically 7 or 8 bullets from a submachine gun or two backstabs. If the body is gibbed by an explosive, there is no chance for a covert op to steal the uniform.
* Hax, Hacks
* pro Stick, A mocking word used to describe rifle-grenades (and sometimes panzerfaust), usually by those opposed to the appearance and use of them in game.
* pro Tube, Similar to pro Stick, but applied to the panzerfaust. Often people say "stop noobing me" if they get killed bypanzerfausts a lot in one game.
* Panzer/Panzar pro or Panzer sissy,Panzer Pussy,Pump Gun A player whose use of the panzerfaust is disapproved by the user of the word. Some people may call someone a panzernoob for exclusively using the panzerfaust, others may use the word if someone uses the panzerfaust in 'lame' ways, such as firing the panzerfaust at their feet if surrounded, or if the panzer-player can only manage one kill per shot. Different players have different ideas about what exactly constitutes lame usage of the panzerfaust. Some inexperienced players might even call very skilled Panzerfaust users panzernoobs, for example if they manage to kill four or more enemies with a single shot.
* Proner / Pronestar, A player that uses the prone move excessively during combat. Many players feel this both looks stupid and is an exploit due to flawed hitboxes. The hitbox-issue is fixed by the etpro, etpub, and Jaymod mods.
* Pub Star, Usually refers to a rambo medic who can get excellent results in terms of kill/death ratio on public servers (where the game is not well organized and most players play to get kills rather than to complete the objective), but is not necessairily a good player in games between two organized teams.
* Rambo Medic, A player who plays the Medic class only for the self-healing benefit. This is often done by experienced players, if they feel that there is little potential for serious teamplay (because of the lack of skilled teammates, for example).
* Self Killer A player who kills himself when losing a battle to prevent the enemy from getting experience or to maintain a relatively high kill/death ratio, since self-kills are not counted as deaths on some mods.

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