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Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
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Enemy Territory was originally planned to be released as a commercial expansion pack to the popular FPS Return to Castle Wolfenstein. However, due to problems with the single-player aspect, the multiplayer portion was released on May 29, 2003 as a free standalone game. In early 2004 the source code for the game logic (not the game engine) was released to the benefit of its modding community.

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is a multiplayer game, where the players interact with each other over a network in two teams (axis and allies) to defend mission objectives. The game is designed for internet and lan networks. As the game gets older many users report a higher number players exploiting the gaming code to cheat over the internet servers, making internet play difficult for others.

The character classes in Enemy Territory are:

* Soldier (carries heavy weapons)
* Medic (revives incapacitated teammates and heals the injured)
* Field Ops (distributes ammo packs and calls in two types of fire support)
* Engineer (performs construction, repairs, demolition and setting up landmines)
* Covert Ops (responsible for espionage and/or sniping)

There are two sides; Allies and Axis. There are six officially released maps (North Africa Campaign: Goldrush, Oasis, and Battery; Europe Campaign: Railgun, Radar and Fuel Dump), as well as hundreds of custom maps made by the internet community. On each map, the offense needs to complete a certain set of objectives within a limited amount of time. The defense needs to keep the offense from completing objectives until time runs out. Some objectives may be optional, and some objectives can be carried out by either team. These minor objectives assist the team completing them. Depending on Game Mode the action will continue on another map (Campaign Mode) or the same map (Objective Mode, Stopwatch Mode, Last Man Standing).

In all but the LMS mode, dead players respawn all at the same time, every X seconds. In the default maps - assuming that the server settings aren't changing it - Allies spawn every 20 seconds and the Axis every 30 seconds, the only exception being Rail Gun where both have a 20 second spawn. With default settings, you can see the spawntimer in the right side of the screen. Experienced players should watch the timer all the time - dying to a 1 second spawn practically means losing your position (and a life, if the server has the rarely used Limited Lives feature enabled) and reseting your health and ammo, while a 30 second spawn can be deadly if there are only a few players. A good tactic is to find out the spawn time of your enemy, for example looking at the mission timer, and time your attacks so that every dead opponent will have to wait a full time spawn.

In the official six-map campaign (most common on public servers), Allies are offense for all but one map. In Stopwatch Mode (most common for locked or LAN servers) two teams - most common setups: 6vs6 or 3vs3 - will play the same map twice, once in each side and the winner is determined of who have the fastest offence (it can be a tie when both teams defence manage to keep the offence from completing the objectives until time runs out).

Players may earn experience points in several skill categories. All character classes may earn points in Battle Sense and Light Weapons. Class skills are generally restricted to the current class, the exception being Heavy Weapons (the Soldier class skill).

Players have certain abilities based on their character class. The player has a Power Bar that provides 'power' for their special abilities. The power bar regenerates slowly. Players have up to eight weapon slots, depending on character class.

* Slot 1 - knife
* Slot 2 - Sidearm: pistol (Allies - Colt; Axis - Luger, submachine gun for high-level Soldiers or dual-pistols for high-level in Light Weapons)
* Slot 3 - Primary weapon: selection depends on class (see Weapons)
* Slot 4 - hand grenade;
* Slot 5 - Medic - syringe; Field Ops - airstrike beacon; Covert Ops - smoke grenade; Engineer - tool (pliers)
* Slot 6 - Medic - health pack; Field Ops - ammo pack; Covert Ops - satchel charge/detonator; Engineer - dynamite
* Slot 7 - Medic - adrenaline syringe (high-level); Engineer - landmine
* Slot 8 - Field Ops - artillery strike (using binoculars); Covert Ops - landmine detection (using binoculars); binoculars for all other classes at level 1 Battle Sense skill

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