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Little baby will completely change your life
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A little baby will completely change your life

Fatigue, big sleepy eyes, fatness, large belly, pain, weaking up every two hours or less and you can do nothing in tim. Beautiful life, isn’t it? That is not only my imagination, but the way women feel the first month with their little baby. Even though a child is like eating, crying and excreating machine sucking out your energy, it can create a smile on your face. You have to survive first four months without sleep, next three months without any free time and after sucessful survival you start to enjoy the little one and feel very happy.

You have not been sleeping for such a long time. Every time you get into bed and fall asleep, the little one starts to cry. Also your baby can’t fall asleep, so you spend an hour carrying it on your arms. After that you want to watch a good film or Tv program on a Tv, but your need to sleep overcomes you. After while, your child decides to wake you up. You are woken up three times after that. “It was really good night”, you think in the morning, because previous night your kid had a bad mood and cried every hour. That’s true tat it can do nothing else. Sorry, baby can also eat and excrete faeces.

In the age from five to eight months of your baby, you don’t have time for anything. The little one can’t stay alone because it can sit, move from one place to another, eat everything from the floor [these little stones under shoes look so delicious], break down glass shell or mirror, open your washing machine, restart your computer, shut down a Tv. If babies don’t know somethih, they must try and taste it. If you give a chance to swallow a stone to your kid, you can be sure, the little one will do so. You want your baby alive. Aren´t you?

You become happy, less tired and proud on your child. Yes, the little one is nearly year old. Your baby starts to talk. When you listen a sound like “mum” from its mouth, you are the happiest person on the world. Your kid talks also sweet words like mama, tata, tete, titi, baba, bebe, nene to you. And finally, your baby tries to walk. You remember its first step forever and also how quickly the little one fell down. When you see its happy eyes while running towards you, you forget every sleepless night. Life is beautiful, your baby is healthy and happy and you have a “toy” for whole life.

These were three states of the first year with a little baby. Maybe I have threatened you but I hope I have not. I am sure every woman can master it. God had known why he didn’t give an ability to have baby to men. Women are stronger. First year is the most difficult, but maybe the best. You have been this crying, eating, excreting machine too. Haven’t you?
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