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My job expectations
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It is true, that every man from a child think about a future career and think about a job expectations. When I was younger I didn’t know, what do I want to do and where do I want to work. But during a secondary school I have started to think about my future job more than before. I was thinking about a work in a bank or in some company, but it’s not what I really want to do. I would like to start a business.

I want to have a shop with cosmetics. It should have enough space for stuff and for costumers. It should be an ample and placed near people’s habitations. I don’t want to have a shop near a road, its too much noise there. My shop should be situated in a big city, but not in the city centre, because of the rent. It’s too big there. I would like to have a shop at a housing estate. The rent is cheaper there. Next reason, why I want to have a shop and work in there is, because I like to be in contact with people. I want to speak with them and help them to decide well about stuff. With business comes a risk and responsibility but I am not afraid about it. I am prepared assume the responsibility and all the risk with business. To be an owner and to have my own shop is a big advantage. I wouldn’t have a superior and I would be an autonomous. If I would be sick I will go home to bed and if I would decide to go for a holiday I will not to need to ask my superior or manager for holidays. I just close a shop and I can go. And the biggest advantage is that all the profits will be mine.

All the previous factors are important for me in my choice of a job and in my choice of a future. I am thinking that in near future I am going to try to start my business. I hope I will succeed and my shop will fulfill all the factors that are important for me.
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