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Clothes and fashion
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Long years ago, some wise member of the Homo Sapiens race discovered the first clothing. Since that time clothes have passed throught very significant changes. They developed from the simpliest rags and skin into something really fabulous. Clothes can say much about the person’s style of living. It can show the personality of each person. But they can also distinguish people of various religions and nationalities. When wearing some kind of particular dress people sow their affiliation to one of these gruops. Wearing a particular dress can also classify a person into a social class. On the other hand, some peeple wear clothes only to be fashionable, and they are not showing their personality.

Different factors that have influenced the styles of clothing are geography, climate, poverty and wealth.

Clothing today consists of many parts. We can often have up to ten pieces on. Of course that depends on the weather. Climate we are living in has four different seasons. And that means there are seasonal clothes. Of course you can not wear winter clothes in summer as well as you can not use summer clothes for winter. We can differentiate four types of clothes.

I will start with summer clothing. It is usually very hot in the summer so you need light and comfortable clothes. Women wear short skirts and tops or dresses. Men usually wear some shorts and a t-shirt or a short-sleeved shirt. Another thing in summer is wearing swim suits. Nowadays there are so many different types from bikini to bathing trunks. It is very important because in summer you spend a lot of time on the beach and it is important how you look. To sum up, in summer all you need are simple light clothes.

As the weather changes and its getting cold outside the clothing has to change too. In autumn we usually wear trousers or jeans that are easy to upkeep. But it is also important to have a coat or a jacket because it often rains.

In winter you need clothes that can keep you warm and dry even if it snows outside and the air temperature is bellow zero. That means you need coat or jacket to protect you and a warm sweater. You also need warm underwear and some knee-socks. It is also good to have a pair of gloves and some cap and a muffler.

Spring clothing is more or less the same as autumn.

You can not wear the same jumper to a football match and to a theatre. For all those special occassions you need different clothes. When going to a theatre or just out for a dinner you need to dress up. A well-dressed gentleman should wear a suit and a tie or a bow tie. We wear many various clothes for many various occassions.

When we go to a concert or to the theatre we prefer to be dressed up. We wear an evening dress, which consists of a dark suit, a light shirt, tie and gown.

For sports we put on sport’s wear like jeans and T-shirts blazers, a waterproof jacket or anorak and sport’s shoes.

At home we like to feel comfortably and so we prefer comfortable clothes – slacks, jeans, T-shirts and on our feet slippers.

To school we wear something practical and comfortable. The most favourite clothes of teenagers includes jeans or trousers, shirts, pullowers and trainers. Special kinds of clothes are uniforms and costumes.

People have different thought to fashion. Some have an excellent taste in dress and are always dressed perfectly, especially women. Fashion includes not only clothes but also hair style, make-up, and accessories, e.g. shoes, handbags, gloves, belts, hats, ties, coronets or glasses. These things complete clothes. Just look around Slovakia. Every second shop is Boutique or something like that. It’s like a drug here and some people are depending on it.

To be fashionable means something different for everyone of us. Fashion is not just about modern stylish clothes, it is also about all kinds of accessories. From sun-glasses to handbags, jewellery to umbrellas, hats to belts…And it takes a real feel for the fashion to know how to accessorize.

There are several fashion rules, for example you should wear no more than one necklace or chain. You should not mix too many colours in your outfit and of course you should not wear white socks to a suit. I guess in Slovakia it is getting better and people are still more and more fashionable. Especially the young people have a sense of style. Well, at least they are trying. I am tryig hard too.

It is important to look good and always have some nice clothes on. Well, today image is everything. The first impression is always vital. And nothing helps you to make good impression better than nice and clean clothes. It is really important what you wear, no matter what anybody says. That is why I am trying to be well-dressed in every situation. For me, maybe even more important than how I look is how I feel. The clothes I buy must always be very comfortable. Because you can look amazing but when you feel like you are going to die if you have that sweater on for another two seconds, it just makes no sense. That is why I usually wear some jeans and a t-shirt or shirt.

Styles, cuts, designs and length of clothes change very quickly because dressmaking has become big business nowadays. One style is almost every year replaced by other style. Fashions often revert to older styles; what is out of fashion now, may become hot a few years later. The most famous designers are Donatella Versace, Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Vivien Westwood etc. The cities of fashion are Paris, Milan, New York or London.

I guess to look good you do not have to wear expensive designer pieces. After all, it is pretty simple. Every man or woman has it own sense of style. That is why it is said that clothes make the man. Yes, it is true. Clothes really make the man. People often judge you by what you are wearing. I do not know if that is right, but that is just the way it is. Nowadays image is everything. The way we look often helps us to achieve what we want. If you really want to make a good impression, you need more than clothes, you also need good hairstyle, modern accessories and a lot more. That also belongs to fashion.
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