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My Christmas
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Christmas is my favourite feast. It is becouse of presents, and that family is together. But the main reason is, that are holiday! Every student likes it.

This Christmas time wasn’t exception. I calculated days from the beginning of December. The last week in school was really horrible. But when Christmas Eve came into being, I had had some obligation with my brother, for example built a christmas tree. I love this work, because of candy. But I think the most beautifull time is christmas dinner. This time we are all together, pray to God, and take dinner.. Usually we have a fisch and cabbage soup. Of course a lot of cakes. And then we go to church.

Most funny day during this holiday is Silvester. At that time i go with my friends to cottage from morning to next day. We drink a lemonade here. I have unforgettable funny experience, which I never change with anything.

So this was my christmas. Beautiful, but maybe little bit short.
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