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Sport and games
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There are lots of types of sports and games. We can practise outdoor or indoor sports, sports in water or anywhere we want. Sports are very good for active relaxation and are important for our physical and mental health. The games are usually all-season activities. The greatest group of games are the ball games such as soccer, volleyball or basketball.

All sports and games are diferetiated into 2 groups:

1. OUTDOOR SPORTS are golf, skiing, climbing, running, tourism
    INDOOR SPORTS are table tennis, gymnastic, chess

Next categories of sports:

2. COLLECTIVE SPORTS are football, baseball, basketball, voleyball or hockey
    INDIVIDUAL SPORTS are angling, swimming, bodybuliding, boxing, skiing

By season we known:

3. WINTER SPORTS are all sports connected with snow, for example ice-hockey, skiing, snowbording
    SUMMER SPORTS are ball games, swimming, athletics

WATER SPORTS – deep sea diving, swimming
ADRENALIN SPORTS – rafting, bungeejumping
NATURE SPORTS – fishing, horse riding
MARTIAL SPORTS – boxing, wrestling

THE OLYMPIC GAMES are performed every four years. The tratidion of the games started in 1896 in ATHENS. The initiator was PIERRE DE COUBERT. Since 1924 there two parts of the games – the winter part and the summer part. The SYMBOL of the games are five different coloured circles on a white background. They symbolise the five contimenst.


Sport and games play an important role in my life. Since my childhood I like on such sports as running, tennis, table tennis and badminton. When I was six, I get my first bike from my parents.Now I like riding on bicycle for longs trips with my friends. I do this sport active. My bike is very good and modern. I need plimsolls and good-quality training suit. I like cycling because: I feel very good, I have fun, I am heathly.

My favourite sportsman is Miroslav Šatan. He is a hockey player. He won the gold medail in Petrohrad for Slowakia. I like him, because he is famous player and very good man.

Sports and games are very important for active relaxation and are also important for our physical and mental health. Doing sports keeps us healthy and fit. Sports develop our patience, willpower, endurance and help us to lose some weigth.
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