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Young people
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Young people: Dreams and reality

Youth is a period of a time, when people are neither adults, nor children. Being young is beautiful present for people, because they can enjoy life, everything is only waiting for them, they have many possibilities and think they can change world. Sometimes it is possible, sometimes people understand that living in the world of adults brings trouble and not everything goes as we wish it should. But majority of us are enjoying life and not hurrying to be older.

There is huge range of positive things about being youth. Firstly, young people do not need to have such responsibility as adults. Usually parents provide accommodation or what to eat. The only duty children have is to learn, learn and learn, because they are able to do it easily, without troubles about money or time. Their brain is like sponge and information are carried there also thirty years after they had learnt it - I find it very useful and therefore I try to learn as much as possible, because after some years it comes harder and harder to remember also ordinary things. And it is positive, that nowadays there are more possibilities to study as in the past. What is more, in general, young people are healthy, have more energy and lead healthier life. Maybe some effects on them have mood, optimism or also stress. But children do not have problems with it. On the other hand there are some physical and mental problems also between young ones.

But also young people have troubles and problems, that sometimes can not be solved - or maybe they think it is impossible. They have problems with parents, some conflicts and fights about way of clothing, about bad marks about ideas they spread and that parents do not like. That can also lead to the situation, when children leave a message at home, bring their things and go out of home. But this does not happen very often. Or they thing they are mature and responsible enough to solve their problems alone and to live on their own without care of parents. This is not usually true, because where would they find money when parents would not give them? But teenagers do not understand that they should be supported by their relatives. On contrary, there are cases when not children but parents make mistake. It is when they treat their children like babies, give them no responsibility and are aware, that children will leave them. This can really spoil people, that would not see life in reality and would not know how to take care about themselves and for another.

I think that being young has many positives, more than negatives. It is the nicest period in life of human being, without trouble, problems or maybe with minimum of them. I try to enjoy it as much as possible, because once I am out of school, it will never be the same as before. Then we will learn how to live in this complicated world, how to handle problems and how to take care of ourselves. It is really hard to survive in today world, but in spite of this fact, I am looking forward to be adult.

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