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My this year's holidays
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Current year I was happy of holidays, but also no. Relaxation from school, yes. But I wait immediately first holiday week operation my ear and of that I was a bit afraid. Follow 21 days ad diem operations. Therefore I am begin use holidays just belong. Maybe every evening I am was with my friends downtown. We went roast, had a good time on concert, were on hut. There was good mood with splendid friends and with guitar sitting over the fire whole two days - Further we went too swimming pool, and we went several times at the cinema too...etc. Those three weeks before operation I am enjoyed.

Operation fell out well. I was few days recoverying at home then. Unfortunatelly I became ill. I had high temperatures and then my stay at home a bit extend. As I pull together, began I enjoyed holidays again. Once again I was while more with friends then with a family. But it maybe every youth.

Holidays I was finnish by bi-weekly stay in Croatia. We were accommodationed near town Šibenik, at the hotel complex Solaris in private apartment with vista of sea. I was there with baptismal mother, her husband and their small daughter - my little cousin Miriam. It was a beautiful weather there. The sea was warm and clean. During the last two days of holiday, wind reached cold water, dirt and rubbish.

We were on examination historic downtown of Šibenik one day. We visited there Cathedral saints Jacob for example. Another day we went ride on family friend´s yacht, or we having a sunbath and swimming at sea.

After I return from Croatia I was catched slick good concert in the town, won friends and good music again over unpack and talking my experience. At it was time another day.

Accordingly this were whole my this year's holidays. I can tell, that my holiday was very good and now I looking forward at the next holidays.
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