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Informall letter
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24th January
(toto vpísať do pravého horného rohu!!)

Dear Thomas,

Thank you very much for your letter. You have not writting so long. How are you? What is new about you?

I have heard about you only, that you passed hard exam, but anything more. Congratulation. And what about your holiday? Do you have a good time in Carribean? Do you spend all your time with sexy beach girls in bikini?

Anyway, I have got some good news about me. My life is turned from base.

I found really good job and I fell in love with a beatiful girl. Her name is Jane and she is a model. I met her at Josh´s garden party last month.

Last week I won in lotto 1 million pounds. I buy a new house for me and Jane with sauna, pool and tenis-court and I will open my own disco pub with go-go dancers in two weeks. I invite you to opening my pub. You are my best friend. I will celebrate it with Jane and you. I hope, you come.

Well, I would better finnish now. I am going with Jane and her family on picnic. Call me or write email as soon as possible.

All the best,
Your .... ? meno ?
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