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Music, which I love
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Music, which I like

I like style of music, which is called oldies, but specially eighties. This age begun in 1980 and was finished in 1989. In eighties music have a lot of music group and a lot of various styles. There was for example some disco hits, some metal songs and some ballads. Every group or band was different then others groups. Every song was original, various and unique. The most famous groups and singers are for example: Modern Talking, Village People, David Bowie, Boney-M, Opus, Prince, Bangles, Bonnie Tyler, Cyndi Lauper, Electric Light Orchestra, Status Quo, Chicago and many others. In Slovakia were famous this singers and groups: Pavol Hamel, Marika Gombitová, Peter Nagy, Elán, Modus, Taktici, Lojzo, Team, Tublatanka and many others. The most famous songs are: Hands up, Live is life, Words, Sunshine reggae, Y.M.C.A., Toy soldiers, Eternal flame, The Look, Total eclipse of the heart…

My favorite group is The Roxette. This group comes from Sweden. Group is comprised with Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle. Their history begun in eighties, but they are famous in this time, too. First well-known song of Roxette was The Look. It was in 1988. Their first plate Joyride came two years ago. Their style was characterized their romantic ballads. Per Gessle created lyrics and Marie Fredriksson had amazing voice. Their sensitive, immortal song It must have been love had famous from film Pretty Woman. World loved this ballad. They concerted all over world, from Asia across South Africa to America, except for Madison Square Garden, but they think, that it will be funny. They have one unconventional album Baladas en espanol, because songs on this album are in a Spanish way. They gave Golden plate in countries, where people speak in a Spanish way, not only in Spain. People think that they are more than friends, but they say: We are siblings. They think that family life is the most important. Per Gessle have a son Gabriel, Marie Fredriksson have a son Oscar and daughter Josephine.
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