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Christmas in my country
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Christmas is the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ birthed on 24th December. We decorate our flat with a Christmas decorations a long time before Christmas. My mother and I make honey cakes. On Christmas Eve, in the morning, we decorate a Christmas tree with electric lights, glass balls and lots of parlor sugar.

We don’t eat anything all day, but the Christmas dinner is very rich. We start to have a Christmas dinner about 6 p.m.We start the dinner with lentil soup, a carp with potatoes salad. We finishing our eat with a waffle and honey. The traditional Christmas soup is sour cabbage soup. During the dinner we drink red wine or Coca Cola. We tinkle with the glasses and wish Merry Christmas to each other.

After the dinner we take the presents which are under the Christmas tree and we listen to Christmas Carols and we are all happy. Then we watch TV like as Mrazik, Perinbaba, Three nuts for Cinderella and at midnight we go to Midnight Mass. Christmas time is a time for being with our family or friends. Christmas makes almost everybody happy, but homeless people maybe aren't.
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