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The Man and Society
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The moral system

Social behaviour si very important for everybody. People would know social rules and the moral system. For me, the moral system is based on some rules and forms of behaviour, which are polite, and with which we can show our respect to other people.

Each generation behaves differently. We can see a lot of differences in behaving between younger and older people. Each of these generations grows up in a different years, in a different time, with different rules and each of them has other view, other opinions, almost on everything.

There are many various relationships between people. One can get into a relationship with people he spends the most of time – with parents, with siblings, with friends, but also with teachers at schools. Unfortunately, not everybody has a good relationships with others... There are for example many children, who have problems with their parents, because they don´t understand each other. Because of this, kids run away from home, get into a dangerous groups, start to live the „street life“ with many traps, they steal to gain some money, food, or clothes or they easily become involved with drugs, maybe...

I can say I have a good relationship with my parents... Yes, there are also some arguments between us, nothing is without a small conflict, but my parents are understanding, and they want only the best for me. I also have to say, that they look at the present modern things quite well – they respect for example my going to discotheques, modern music, today´s fashion style, and they respect my needs and decisions.

But, I have also two brothers – they are at puberta now... To be honest, sometimes it is very hard to live in one children room with two teenagers, who think that they know everything perfectly. We have a lot of disagreements with my 16 years old brother, mainly. I am sure I was the same some time ago, but now I think about some problems and situations in a different way, more intelligently and maybe more adultly... I know my brothers will grow up one day, and then they begin to behave in an other way, but waiting for this time is quite horror for me now :D

ETHICS is the study of morals. It is also called morality or moral law because it is about what is right and what is not, and how we decide what to do. Everybody have the right to life, the right to freedom from injury and the right to privacy. People must avoid from (to refrain) rape, murder, slander, stealing, assault, fraud.

Ethics are taught in families. Our parents give us examples how to behave since we are born. Then we learn ethics at schools. My class teacher on a primary school often used to say that she is our second mum. In my opinion she really was. Similarly, than my own mum, my teacher gave me also a lot of advice, which I remember to these days. It was quite good to compare my opinions with her opinions, and think of other ways for finding solutions. I can say she influenced me. She is really intelligent, and she is one of my ideals.

But let´s go back to ethics... We had lessons of ethics on a primary school, and also in the first two years on this school. We learned about manners, polite behaviour, topics for conversations, we talked about our priorities. In one word, we were talking about the etiquette during all those lessons.


ETIQUETTE – is the formal rules of correct or polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession. It includes greetings, behaviour at meetings, etiquette of visitors or how to behave when we are in another country...

Greetings can be formal or informal. Greetings are the beginings of conversation, not only in cases when people know each other, but also at introducing, at meetings. It is really important to use a right greeting in a different situations we get into. For example – we can´t say „Hi, Bob!“ to our employer when we come to work in morning  And we won´t talk formally with our friends, in our age, with the same crazy ideas, will we?

There are certain rules how to be polite greeting each other. For example:
• younger people greet the older first
• man greets woman first
• children always greet adults first

In North America there is no set of rules who greets the first.

Congratulations are also types of showing respect, or showing that we like somebody, that we want to share somebody´s happines or important moments in his life. We congratulate to people when they have their birthday, when they finish the school, when they achieve some success, ...
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