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Economy in the East of Slovakia
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Since 1989 economic situation in the whole Slovakia has transformed from a centrally planned to a modern market economy and the eastern part of our country is not an exception. There are situated a lot of the largest and most important factories in the country.

The most industrial city in the region is Košice, which is also the second biggest Slovak city. Many different sorts of industries are occurred there including ferrous metallurgical, engineering, electro technical and food processing industry. The most famous company in Košice is U.S.Steel Corporation which employs more than 14 400 people. Other metallurgical company - Kovohuty is 29 miles away from Košice, in Krompachy. Kovohuty is orientated on processing of cooper. Clothing industry is situated mainly in Michalovce (e. g. . Zekon) and Bardejov where shoes are made, chemical industry could be found in Strážske (Chemko), wood industry is developed in Spišská Nová Ves and paper processing is located in Vranov nad Topľou (Bukóza).

Electricity for the region is made in Vojany in the thermal power station – EVO. As the East of Slovakia is mainly flat region, there are a lot of grain, corn and sunflower fields. On the east boundaries with Hungary Tokaj is located. It’s the world famous wine locality with spreading eco-agriculture.

Even though the economic situation in the East Slovakia is more or less developed, faster expansion of infrastructure could be more attractive for European investors and investors from the other countries.
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