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Teenager lifestyle
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Teenager lifestyle is very exciting and sometimes very dangerous. Because all members of our group, which have added in this project, are teenagers, this part is about us, our lifestyle.

A lot of time we spend in school. School starts at 7:50. School is sometimes very stressful for us and each of us is happy when it is the end of school week – Friday afternoon. When Monday is again and we must go to school our good temper is again away. We must start to learn and be at school 6-7 lessons daily. But it is true that at school we have many friends who are very important for us. After school someone of us attend variously lessons, for example basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, English or Spanish lessons and other ones….

Our leisure time is after school. We spend it with friends in some pizzerias or pubs. Students of our school like going to AVE pizzeria where they play table football or table ice hockey. There is always very good mood because there are all teenagers which relax after school, talk and muse. After that we go home and we do our homework. When we finish homework, we like surfing by internet and listening to music, watching TV, playing games or going out. After that it is time to go to bed. And in the morning our daily routine starts again.

Friday after school we go somewhere with our friends. A lot of teenagers examine new things which are sometimes wrong and harm yourselves health. For this age is typical trouble with love and also trouble with parents.

And what’s about eating? We eat very much and everything. Chocolates and sweets are our favorites. The girls are interested in fashion. They very like buying fashion clothes. Teenagers like going to disco, cinema and concerts. They like listening to music and dancing. They like sporting. They like skiing, skating, playing ice-hockey, sledging, snowballing in winter. And they like playing all game with ball, cycling, running, swimming, and roller blending in summer.
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