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The advantages and disadvantages of living in the town
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Most people used to live in the countryside in the past, but today the majority of the population lives in towns and big cities. People live there because there are many things to do and places to go-museums, cinemas, restaurants, shops, sports centres etc. But if you want to go there, you must pay some money for it, so you have to have a job. This is not the big problem in towns, because employees are needed almost everywhere. There aren’t many school in small towns and villages but in the bigger ones, there aren’t just primary schools, but there are also secundary schools or gymnasium and sometimes universities or collegies too.

Living in towns or big cities also has some disadvatages. Firstly, every town in the world has problems with waste.You won’t find one city without the rubbish dump. Secondly, too many people live there on a small area and this results into crowded streets and unfortunately, high criminality too. Another problem of big towns is transport. Many people have their own cars and there are also many people who still travel to work by buses, so traffic jams are very frequent. Despite the disadvantages I‘ve got used to living in the town and generally, I like it.
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